Giving back to society is becoming much more common amongst corporations. They are realizing that it’s just as important to give back to society, and by doing so it can be seen as an integral part of running a successful business. For this reason, you’re likely to see many more corporations thinking about interesting and creative ways to add value to the community through corporate give back programs. In addition to contributing positively to society, these programs can also help increase employee engagement and fostering meaningful partnerships with non-for profits. However, getting employees to be enthusiastic about these programs can be challenging at times, but by using certain tactics, you can get them to be more involved. On that note, this article is going to tell you how you can get employees involved in corporate give back programs.

Choose Programs That Will Interest Them

One of the first ways to get employees involved in corporate give back programs is by choosing ones that will interest them. You could decide to have a team meeting and ask your employees about which type of causes they would like to give back to. If you’re wondering which program to promote, there are tons of corporate fundraising programs out there to get you started. Some causes that you could decide to promote include ones relating to the environment, vulnerable children, education, homelessness, recycling, and so many others. By choosing programs that they’re passionate about, you’re more likely to get a better response from them. What’s more, rather than spread yourself too thin, you can build a company image which spends its time focusing on one issue. For instance, you could build connotations associated with your brand that when people look at your company logo, they know you support environmental charities, which can help humanize your company and give you an edge over your competitors.

Friendly Competition

Another way to get employees involved in corporate give back programs is by promoting friendly competition amongst your employees. This should help motivate employees to give it their best and try and raise as many funds as possible for your chosen cause. You could, for instance, put different departments in teams and set a fundraising target that everyone should aim to reach or beat. You could also give each employee a specific task so that they feel they’re playing an active role in the execution of the program; delegate leaders amongst those who you know have leadership experience already, or assign those who you think would benefit from the extra experience. Some general ways of promoting friendly competition in the workplace include making things playful, creating a culture of ownership, and ensuring that you set clear-cut goals.

Stress the Benefits

Sometimes all employees need to get involved in employee give back programs is to see the immense benefits of doing so. You can show them this by telling them how the program is going to help the community and the people that it’s targeted at helping. You can also share the overall benefits of giving back as a corporation such as building respect and a good reputation in the community, making their community a better place to live in, and for connections and networking purposes. You should also give them feedback after the program is completed and let them know where all of their contributions have gone and what impact it has made on the immediate community. Remember, giving back to the community should be, at the heart of the endeavor, to help the community; however, it can also help your individual employees. You can remind them that volunteering on a person’s CV can holster a wealth of benefits.

Corporations are capable of adding a lot of value to society and one of the ways to do so is through corporate give back programs. For this reason, you should continue to find ways to promote these programs and ensure employees are involved in the most active way possible. By doing so, you should find your company is one that’s meaningful as well as impactful.