For Writers: Advantages of Newly Created Freelance Platforms

More and more people choose to become freelancers either as an additional job or some even make it a primary source of income. This is not surprising since online freelance markets today can offer a lot of benefits if compared to a regular job.  According to the official statistics, there are over 50 million people engaged in freelancing work within the United States of America and most experts believe the number will grow in the years to come. The real breakthrough in freelancing came with the advancement of new technologies and working patterns that addressed one’s uncertainty over income and other fears. The growing number of online freelance platforms is just another proof of the tendency. It makes it easier for freelancer to offer their services to pretty much everybody who might be interested.

A great deal of all freelancers out there are those who offer their writing services. This segment is one of the most popular ones since it usually doesn’t require any face-to-face meetings between writers and customers. The opportunity to earn money with one’s writing talent attracts thousands of people around the world who are good at writing different kinds of articles, blog entries, research papers, e-books, website and custom content, etc. Additionally, the flexibility and accessibility offered by freelance markets often outweigh the benefits of the office job.

As we have mentioned, there is an increasing number of online freelance platforms, including markets for writers and editors. More than that, newly created freelance sites are more attractive from the writer’s perspective since one can have more opportunities there. The thing is that most people are conservative by nature and don’t like to change the old way of things. But switching to a new freelance writing website can be more beneficial that most writers believe. Below are some of the advantages you may have not considered yet.

Low competition.

If you are an experienced writer who wrote several hundreds of writing assignments on various websites, it probably means that there were even more projects where clients didn’t choose you as a writer. Now imagine that you don’t have to fight for each order with hundreds of other experienced writers. Wouldn’t that be somewhat refreshing? The thing is that newly created freelance markets will likely have a low number of freelancers which means a competition won’t be that high and you can easier get job proposals.

You can be the top.

This one comes out of the first point. If there are not many writers yet registered at the website that means you can become the top writer and establish your reputation. Experienced writers know what that means in terms of job and salary. All of those who know how hard it is to get to the top will certainly appreciate the chance to become the top writer at a new platform, which soon might become quite popular among clients.

Better support.

Reputable writing freelance platforms are popular because they proved to be reliable for both writers and those who seek to purchase a particular content.  However, such websites attract a great number of writers which makes it difficult to provide high quality support on a regular basis. Newly created freelance platforms usually have much better support since they need to attract customers and writers. A quality support service is one of the most effective things that does just that.  

New features.

This may not be applied to all of the new freelance platforms but most of them have new features to differentiate themselves from other similar websites. This often means an improved experience for writers and clients which makes the whole thing even more convenient than it used to be. New features may be different and may cover different aspects: principle of operation, communication, support, website features, etc. But in most cases writers can expect innovations that will help them do their job.

Work setting change.

Changing work environment often results in a better productivity caused by new ideas generated in a new setting. Signing up at a new freelance platform will likely provide new assignments that will be different that you used to do. Besides, working with new clients is always an interesting experience that can help you learn new things.

Some of the benefits mentioned above may change your whole writing career. It doesn’t mean that signing up at a new website means you have to quit the rest of freelance websites you are currently registered at. You can continue working at those companies as much as you want. It is just that working for a new freelance platform can be an enormous boost to your writing career providing new career opportunities. Besides, writers have nothing to lose – expanding their markets is always a good thing in the long run.