Grow Your Business Through Consistent Marketing

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Now that you have been working your freelance business for a while, you have probably found out what a lot of freelancers already know: there is a difference between the steady paycheck of a “real job” and the “feast or famine” existence that often befalls freelancers. But it doesn’t have to be that way! As a freelancer, you too can have a “steady paycheck”, but it will take steady work on your part in the form of consistently marketing your business.

Many people start the New Year with a resolution “lose weight” and sign up for a gym membership just knowing that they will be there three times a week without fail. We all know what happens, other obligations get in the way, and those regular workouts become less and less frequent. Freelancers often start their businesses the same way: marketing like crazy at the beginning, but then, when there is plenty of work, the marketing efforts become less and less frequent. One day, the freelancers look around and not only are all of their projects completed, but there is nothing in the sales pipeline to replace them!

It is really essential that you consider marketing your freelance business as part of your regular workload. Putting marketing activities on your daily or weekly work calendar will help you to remember to actually do the activities necessary to keep your name out there in the marketplace.

There are many ways to market your business, both through traditional outlets and with social media marketing; and it really depends on your particular freelance business which marketing activities will work best for your situation. But by returning to your initial written marketing plan (you do have a written marketing plan, don’t you?), you can now refine it and expand your activities as necessary.

Whichever marketing activities you choose, make sure that you have a program in place to track how well each different activity is working for you. Remember, consistency is the key—even while you are busy with your present projects. Keeping your pipeline full of prospects will keep your bank account full of client payments.

2 thoughts on “Grow Your Business Through Consistent Marketing”

  1. William Anderson

    I agree with sam, you really need to be consistent in marketing for your business in order to get more clients. Continuous follow-ups is one of the most effective way to for consistent marketing.

  2. Consistent marketing is a way to keep on track your product in the mind of consumers. Consistency means repetitive. Repetition is necessary in marketing.

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