Kim Wearing Green Solio Shirt

I picked a green shirt from the pile today as I had lots of “green” on my mind lately.  This t-shirt is from Solio.com. Solio is a Universal “Hybrid” Charger that’s powerful enough to charge all of your handheld electronic products (ie Cell Phone, iPod, GPS, Digicam, etc), anywhere under the sun because it can accept power from either the sun or the wall storing this energy within Solio’s internal rechargeable battery. I found the lowest price for the Solio Universal Hybrid Charger at Amazon.  Cool gadget and sound investment, if you ask me.

Want me to model your shirt?  Contact muah.

Speaking of “being green”, check out these 10 Eco-Friendly Ideas to Live Green & Save

And of “making green”, check out Revolution Money Exchange (PayPal’s newest competitor) where you get $25 buckaroos just for signing up. Remember when PayPal gave away bonuses for signing up? I do and reaped the rewards! Let’s hope this is as profitable.

And just because I like this “green” post, Are Green M&M’s Really Aphrodisiacal?

P.S. I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.3.3 because I having troubles with permalinks not working, and now I’m having trouble making links in posts under “visual” mode (have to switch to “code”).  I’m anxious for Version 2.5 to be released, and if it’s as good as it claims it’s gonna be, I may upgrade all of my other blogs.