Making the Most of My Addictions

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Last Updated on January 30, 2017 by Work In My Pajamas

The first step in recovery of an addiction is admitting you have a problem.
Ok, here’s my mine… I’m addicted to shoes.  And Diet Mountain Dew.

But just recently I discovered I am addicted to  I have bought and sold hundreds of domain names. So many in fact, that I created a spreadsheet to keep track of where I registered them and when they all need to be renewed, etc.  But over the last year, I realized I keep buying them from GoDaddy because 1) they are cheapest, 2) they offer lots of free add-ons (email forwarding, url forwarding, etc), and 3) their tech support has been good to me.  They should invest in a toll-free number though.

So, slowly, I’ve been moving ALL my domain names and hosting to GoDaddy under one login.  It’s gonna make life so much easier for me (and cheaper and happier) in the long run.  It is kind of a pain to transfer stuff, but I shall reap the rewards later.

And using GoDaddy’s hosting, I found another new addiction!  You can install WordPress on GoDaddy with just a click (the platform this blog uses), so now I’ve been obsessed with finding free wordpress templates for my sites.  So far I’ve bookmarked WordPress Diva and Template Xtreme. This week alone I re-did this very site (cool, eh?), my main company site plus I made a new site. If I can do it, anyone can.

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