How Returning Vets Can Start Working From Home

If you have served in the military and are now transitioning into civilian life, you can try working from the comfort of your own home. Becoming self-employed will allow you to be your own boss, set your own work schedule and work from home so that you won’t have to worry about commuting daily to a job. Here are a few things that you’ll need to start a home-based business.

The Proper Equipment

Your home office will need to be set up in a way that allows you to complete important tasks and stay focused without distractions. In addition to getting a desk, an office chair, and a computer, your home workstation should have adequate lighting, a surge protector and storage and file cabinets. The Balance Small Business also suggests using VoIP technology or Internet-based phone services to communicate better with your clients. A paper shredder is another important piece of equipment to have so that you can destroy all sensitive documents that you no longer need.

A Marketing Plan

You’ll need to think of ways to advertise your business and attract a steady flow of clientele. Newspaper advertisements and door flyers offer some of the best ways to market a business and have been used for many years. To get more attention online, you should have accounts with all major social media networks that will allow you to create pages to promote your business. SEO, or search engine optimization, is another tool that you can use to get noticed more on popular online search engines.

A VA Loan

If you need capital to get your business off the ground, you can apply for a Veterans Affairs loan. You can find a bank or another financial institution that offers direct loans to veterans or current servicemembers. Putting the financing that you receive from your VA loan toward a new home that will be suitable for running your business will be a smart investment. According to Bankrate, you generally won’t need to come up with a down payment to secure one of these loans.

The Right Website

An eye-catching website complete with clear images, attractive colors and engaging copy should be designed for your business. You can hire a professional website designer to build a customized site that includes all your pertinent business information. If you really want your website to stand out, you might want to consider adding videos or animation to generate more leads.

As a home business owner, you’ll be able to continue making positive contributions to society in your new role as a civilian. By making the right preparations, you’ll likely find plenty of success with your endeavor.

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Image Source: wavebreakmedia / shutterstock