Creating a website for your business is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and promote your company.

In fact, in today’s world, if you don’t have a website, you’re not really in the game.

But simply having a website isn’t enough. If you have a website but you aren’t getting traffic, it’s not going to be much help.

5 Simple Key Ways to Advertise Your Website

Keep reading for some key ways to advertise your website and promote your business online.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Using SEO strategies is the best way to drive large volumes of customers to your website.

SEO works by using special techniques to make your website more favorable to search engines, like Google. Speeding up your site, ensuring it’s easy to read and navigate, creating content that others link to, and using strategic keywords all improve your search engine ranking.

When potential customers use a search engine to find businesses in your industry, having your website show up at the top of the list helps encourage visits to your site and leads to higher conversion rates.

Business Directories

Listing your business in a business directory can either help or hurt your website.

Search engines determine whether business directories are seen as poor or high quality. Listing in a poor quality directory can hurt your SEO, while listing in a high quality directory can increase it and result in many more visits to your website.


Email is still an effective way to market your business.

Email is especially useful for retaining customers and encouraging repeat purchases. You can direct email recipients to your website by including a link to your website in every email.

You can also use an email marketing campaign to regularly send marketing emails to subscribers directing them to your website.

Social Media

In today’s digital world, social media is at the root of successful advertising.

Social media is made up of many platforms including the popular Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These sites allow you to create content that is highly shareable and links back to your website.

Your website link will reach users who were not originally searching for it.

Take it Offline

You can still advertise your business’ website offline.

Most industries and companies are not completely paperless. Make sure to include a link to your website on any piece of paper you hand out.

Receipts, letters, flyers, and any form of written communication to a customer should have your website address listed somewhere on it.

You can also put your website address on t-shirts, stickers, advertisements, pens and pencils, plastic and paper bags, and whatever else works for your business. Because the internet is so important for businesses these days, it’s important to use any means possible to direct customers to your website.

In today’s technological world, in order to advertise your business you must advertise your website.

Getting customers to your website will help them understand your brand and build a relationship with your company. For more tips for businesses including articles about online and offline marketing, check out our blog.