How To Improve Your Brand’s Reputation

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How To Improve Your Brand's Reputation

Everyone wants to build the credibility of their business. Luckily, a huge part of messaging and branding is up to you. Sure, there are some things that are determined by word-of-mouth via your customers, but you still have a lot of control over how people view your business. Here’s how you can improve the reputation of your brand without sounding too egotistical.

1. Always be honest. Whether you’re talking about the services you offer or the quality of your product, make sure that honesty is your top priority. You can show off what you’re selling and downplay its limitations, but never outright lie. Highlight the positive aspects of what you’re selling and make the limiting aspects a little more difficult to find out about. Don’t hide that information, though.

2. Participate in the community. Whether you want to get in on networking events, join an organization related to your industry, or volunteer for a local cause, find a way to get involved with your community. People want to see the person behind the brand. They want to be impressed by you and view you as a well-rounded person. When you get involved with your community, you show people that supporting the local business scene and its customers is important to you.

3. Encourage people to leave reviews by offering some sort of incentive, like a discount, freebie, or the chance to win something in a contest. Clarify that reviews don’t have to be positive, they just have to be honest. Just make sure that you don’t bribe people to leave a review. When you get a negative review, respond courteously and professionally.

4. Show your success. If you’ve earned the right to brag, like Stephen A Wynn on IMDB has, there’s nothing wrong with talking about your business’ accomplishments. When you reach a milestone or win an award, share your success with your audience. Make sure to frame it in a way that shows how your success will benefits your customers or clients.

5. Cozy up to the competition. You don’t have to send business their way, but you should be friendly and supportive of each other. There may be an opportunity one day when you have to come together with competing companies, and you want to make sure there’s no bad blood between you when you do. This is a great example to set for other businesses. Also, it makes you seem confident in your own business, which customers love to see.

You may know what you have to offer, but that doesn’t ensure that everyone else will automatically know what you’re about, too. Showcase the best sides of your business so that people know what you have that’s valuable.

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