Kim working in her pajamas

I seriously do “work in my pajamas” as seen here wearing my second favorite pair of “jams” (that I got on clearance after Christmas one year, hence the green).  My absolute favorite pair is not suitable for public viewing.

So while this blog’s main topic is about working from home with affiliate marketing (which also allows me to earn money while I sleep in my pajamas), a great part of my organic traffic from search engines is from people actually searching for “pajamas“. Guess that theory of using keywords in the domain name for SEO purposes really works!

Since I already don free t-shirts, I think it would only be appropriate to appear in pajamas as well to satisfy those keyword visitors. And I do have to admit I put in way more pajama time in front of the computer than t-shirt time. In fact, here’s what I’m wearing as I type this.

So any companies want to anty up some pajamas for me (“G” rated only please) to wear while working in exchange for some link lovage? I’ll upload a pic of me wearing your pj’s with info about them, as well as links on how to purchase (and a disclosure that you sent them to me for free to satifsy the FTC).  If interested, please contact me.

Good night!