How to Identify the Best Office Space for Rent in the US

Office Space in the USA

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Where do you want to work? New York, Chicago, Los Angeles? These are all significant areas to be in as your business will take off and grow without a lot of work. Everyone dreams about working in an office that makes you feel as if you were home, without having the sensation of wanting to run away as soon as the shift ends. Many employees have said that they feel more welcome within their offices when the interior has a style and decorations that help make the blank walls look full of life, which in turn helps to motivate everyone that works in the same room. As reported by, having an office that appeals to your workers will help kickstart their motivation and inspiration each day, allowing everyone to reach the company goals in a more fun and engaging manner. However, if you are located in an area that is not in the heart of the business district, your business could suffer and fold.

Office Space in the USA

Do you want to shell out money every month for a rental space that is excessively big for your business or do you want to pay monthly for a tiny cracker box that you will be growing out of in no time? Both these options stink!

Keep reading, and you will learn how to identify the best office space for rent in the United States.

Virtual Offices

If you want a thriving business, you need to be in an area that is noticeable, in the business district of a major city, and is safe. Most of the time an office space will run you hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in which you cannot afford.

Virtual offices have become the solution to these financial problems. Servcorp offers virtual business and office solutions, and Servcorp has office space for rent.  They are a great alternative to the brick and mortar space that costs excessively much for a startup. They provide a local address, phone number, receptionist, IT support and numerous other advantages.


An excellent way to identify the best office spaces is if they have an online presence. Are they virtual, where you can rent them out for an hour, a day, a week? Or, do they have a brick and mortar face with no way out? If you are in the market for part-time office space, check into co-working.

Co-working space allows you a flexible workspace that fits your style. You have access to a community of like-minded individuals that you can sell to, buy from, and collaborate with. You have IT support and can print from your laptop. In addition, there are meeting rooms and boardrooms you can use if meeting with a prospective client!

Executive Suites

Another great office space to rent in the US is an executive suite. An executive suite gives you a professional and polished look. It provides a respectable and trusted environment where you can expand your business and increase your profits.

You will enjoy IT infrastructure that is innovation and industry leading. You will also experience flexible leases starting at one month. Fully serviced offices will provide you will space to complete your work efficiently at any global Servcorp location and provides you with unlimited coffee and tea.

This is a much better deal than competitors who require multiple months’ worth of security deposits as well as a three-month minimum lease. Your property type will be classified as an A grade where competitors only give you a mix of grades A through D.


Leases are really the last option you want to consider when starting a small business. Contracts are usually required for a year, and there is no way out of the lease if your company expands rapidly and needs more space, or if it folds and goes bankrupt.

Either way, you are stuck paying the monthly rent until your lease is up or you can find a loophole in the contract. If you do not have a lot of money in the first place, look into other virtual options before choosing to take on a lease.

Why the Best Office Space to Rent in the US is a Virtual Office Solution

Leases are expensive in the United States. Real estate is valuable in the United States. These are just a couple of the reasons why it makes sense to look into options other than traditional office spaces.

By identifying that virtual office solutions are smart alternatives to an expensive high rise, you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars on a lease. In addition, you will receive a virtual office that has excellent furnishings as well as a polished and professional image.

By using the space for co-working, you are leading by example with flexible workspaces and access to similar minded people to collaborate with. It is well worth your time and money to investigate virtual office solutions and executive suites.

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