How Important Is Laptop Memory?

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If you’re a beginner to the world of laptop buying, your focus on specs will probably be aimed at the likes of battery life, screen size/quality, weight and even storage space.

Laptop Memory Image

Whilst these are all important components, the size of your screen should not take priority over the laptop’s memory, both in terms of the hard drive capacity and it’s Random Access Memory. RAM determines how fast your computer will process programs and manage tasks. Any computer boasting a terabyte of hard drive sounds impressive however, unless it is also endowed with a good amount of RAM, it will not be very fast. It could be argued that RAM is by far the most significant aspect you should note when shopping for a new laptop. You can get excellent laptop reviews and recommendations from

So now that you know its basic function, read on for a more dedicated breakdown of the importance of laptop memory.

RAMp it up for gaming

Are you searching for a laptop for gaming? If so, and along with various other facets, you will need to stock up on plenty of RAM. This is because the more memory you harbor, the faster and smoother the performance. If you’re a gamer, you will understand the importance of those points – especially when playing with others online.

As for how much memory to go with, 8GB is a solid choice for most games. Although with the continued demands of new releases, a 16GB RAM installation would be recommended if you want to play the latest games without issue.

While games are generally one of the most challenging things to run on a laptop, this doesn’t mean you should skimp on RAM with other uses. Regardless if it’s a simple action like browsing the web or using video editing software, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have an abundance of memory. Although a sweet spot of 6-8GB would be fine for the vast majority of uses.

The key to multitasking

When you are running programs, your laptop stores these temporarily via your RAM. However when your memory is full to capacity, this stored information is then transferred to the alternative source: the hard drive. While this still leaves your laptop functional, switching between those programs will become sluggish when a hard drive is required. So again, the inclusion of more RAM is a big advantage if you find it necessary to operate multiple programs all at once. If you already own a laptop and have seen some programs struggle to keep up, it might surprise you how just a 2 or 4GB boost to your memory will help.

Have a laptop with limited RAM? Don’t worry

You don’t necessarily need to buy a new laptop to benefit from an extra dose of wonderful RAM. New laptop RAM is easy to purchase and in fact, plenty of laptops have the option to install extra RAM on top of the memory already possessed. Plus doing this is relatively inexpensive, so it is highly recommended that you invest in more RAM due to the aforementioned benefits.

How much  RAM does a  laptop need?

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  1. If you are going to buy a laptop, then you must focus on the RAM or the memory of the laptop. Check that the RAM is enough in size for the specific laptop. It is the RAM that enhances the laptop and improves the performance of the system. It allows the users with a faster browsing on the system.

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