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woman delivering packages

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woman delivering packages

Several of my girlfriends have recently found themselves with a little more time on their hands. Their little ones are finally off to kindergarten or 1st grade and that means several hours of uninterrupted Mom time during the day.

Many of these young moms are also looking to bring in a little extra income. It’s not cheap to have a kid taking karate or ballet lessons or enrolled in a some pee wee sports. But some of them but didn’t want to take on a job that required going into an office – even if was just part time.

So what’s a stay-at-home mom to do? A couple of my friends recently began driving for UberEATS or similar food delivery services like DoorDash, GrubHub, Caviar, and Postmates.

Most of my friends expressed interest in having something that was flexible and they could do only when they wanted to. And they were also a bit apprehensive about dealing with random people in their vehicles. Driving people also requires making sure that your car is really clean and that’s not an easy task for a busy mom’s who are always transporting kids. So picking up and delivering food and packages seemed like a great choice.

Driving for UberEATS you can earn on average up to $20 an hour, including tips which are optional. Uber takes a 25% commission on all of its drivers including the food delivery drivers and they pay weekly via PayPal or direct deposit.

UberEATS is available in 60 cities in the US. In order to sign up as a driver you must be over 19 years old with more than 1 year of driving experience, have a valid state driver’s license, use a vehicle that is not more than 8 years old, and be able to lift 30 pounds.UberEATS allows you to make deliveries with a bike, scooter, or a car. So this is definitely also an option for those without cars.

Once accepted at Uber as a driver, you just go ahead and download the app and begin using it to “radio in” to the Uber dispatchers when you’re available to pick up food and deliver it. You work on your schedule.

This might not be everyone, but most of my mom friends said they loved the flexibility and enjoyed earning a little extra cash.

Make great money. Set your own schedule. Sign up with Uber now!

Earn $20/hour delivering goods to local businesses. Set your own hours.

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