Grace is a very sucessful adelaide business woman with a fantastic outlook on busines and life. We had the pleasure of shooting her new headshots as well as a few really awesome marketing and branding images. More to come.

Grace Lever, the founder of GraceLever.com & The Doing School, has been absolutely relentless in working to empower female entrepreneurs all over the world, including by providing access to a supportive community of like-minded women and offering a wealth of vital educational resources. After enjoying tremendous personal success as an entrepreneur, Grace now exclusively focuses on working with female entrepreneurs as they create profitable lifestyle businesses of their own.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

Whenever I host a class or workshop, I like to introduce myself as a “wife, daughter, sister, female entrepreneur, speaker, author, and friend,” which emphasizes that a single title is rarely capable of providing an accurate description of who we are, what we do, or what we mean to all the different people in our lives.

Drawing on my experience running six successful businesses, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to share with others all of the entrepreneurial principles I developed during the course of my career. As the founder of GraceLever.com & The Doing School, I am able to use digital marketing to empower female entrepreneurs all over the world, all while sharing my lifestyle dream with my husband and our puppy in Adelaide Hills, which is one of Australia’s most renowned wine regions.

  1. What was your first successful business venture?

It depends on how you choose to define “success.” From a strictly financial perspective, the nationwide flooring company I ran was my first successful business venture. Although it was a lucrative endeavor, I didn’t enjoy the work and certainly didn’t find it to be a rewarding use of my time. I founded several other businesses — all of which achieved success in terms of profitability — but it wasn’t until I co-founded Inbound Marketing and GraceLever.com that I experienced what it means to be truly successful.

  1. What is your main source of income now?

Although I like to spend the bulk of my time working on various aspects of GraceLever.com & The Doing School, Inbound Marketing, a company I co-founded, represents my principal source of income. Of course, it is not my only source of income, as my expertise in marketing automation has enabled me to continue to generate additional income from the other businesses I founded before shifting my focus to GraceLever.com & The Doing School.

  1. I see you offer free online workshops that show people how to build their own profitable, lifestyle businesses. Why are you giving away such valuable information for free?

It took me a long time to figure out how to build a business that is personally and professionally rewarding, and I know that there are certainly many other female entrepreneurs who need help building a business that will be something they will not only love doing today, but will still love doing two decades from now. I feel a powerful responsibility to share with other female entrepreneurs all that I’ve learned through years of trial and error, which is why I am entirely comfortable giving away such valuable information free of charge.

  1. Do you have any offline hobbies?

I adore the fact that my entrepreneurial success allows me to spend so much time with family, and I like to devote a lot of that free time to exploring the natural beauty that surrounds my home in Adelaide Hills. My husband and I often take our pup out for long morning walks to a park or open field so we can all bask in the warmth of the sun in between games of fetch. Living in Adelaide Hills has also piqued our interest in wine connoisseurship, and we have even discussed the possibility of trying our hands at winemaking as well.