Marketing Jobs You Can Do From Home

Marketing Jobs You Can Do From Home

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Whether you are looking to work solely from home or to diversify your income by creating a side hustle, digital or online marketing in its many forms provides opportunities to accomplish both of these objectives.

Stay in Your Pajamas

Tired of the rat race, and the time-wasting commute? Wishing to avoid the stressful office environment and distractions of co-workers? There are numerous marketing jobs or tasks that can easily be done from home. The majority of work in the marketing world is done behind the scenes, so to speak. If you have a background in advertising or marketing, this is an ideal way to make use of your skills and expertise. If you lack formal experience, you could consider a low-paying trainee position in the industry (preferably online) and move forward from there as your confidence and experience increase.

Professional Careers in Marketing That Can Work Remotely

  • Product Marketing Managers manage new product releases and communications. This involves both technical skills and marketing. Even the sales training section of this job can be done in an online classroom.
  • Marketing Copywriters produce web copy, sales materials, blogs, and articles, so if your writing skills are top-notch this may be an ideal position for you.
  • Marketing Analysts analyze data and market conditions to then create brand strategies dependent on specifics.
  • Content Strategists and Marketers determine what content is needed to develop campaigns, projects, and editorial calendars. Here blogging skills will be very useful.
  • Digital and Email Marketing Consultants are most often hired to analyze current processes and policies and determine how to improve performance all around. This position is likened to a specialist copywriter and their main job is to build relationships with potential customers.

All of the above jobs can be done from home, using tools that are readily available. For example, mass text message marketing is an easy and profitable marketing tool used by many top brands and political campaigns alike. Any of the mentioned job descriptions could make use of the services offered by Tatango. Neither complex technical skills nor coding experience is required: mobile messaging is easily integrated into existing software or applications, and with the push of a button your desired message is sent to your chosen audience.

Exciting Enterprises You Can Start on Your Own

On a less formal level, one can work in marketing roles such as social media marketer and even influencer. You can be called upon to manage a company’s social media platforms, their blogging, reviewing, and writing content. These can all be profitable side hustles that can lead to more formalized employment in companies if that is your goal. You can also make a healthy living from affiliate marketing: selling products on behalf of someone else for a percentage of the proceeds. In academic terms, some of the highest-profile marketers are actually unqualified as they come from a variety of backgrounds and draw on personal experience and networking rather than pure education.

In the comfort of your own home, you can pursue a number of online opportunities that can lead to profitable outcomes, job satisfaction, and recognition.

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