Girls Gotta Have Goals – One Penny at a Time

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Last Updated on February 24, 2018 by Work In My Pajamas

I look forward to checking my online bank account balances towards the end of the month as that is when most of my direct deposits come in. usually pays on the 20th. But I have noticed that about half of the deposits in the last year (this month included) have been 1¢ less that what their online reporting says I should have. Now, I’m not one to take the time or energy to complain about being shorted 6¢ in the last year, but what if is doing this to everyone? They have thousands of publishers which could equate to thousands of dollars! Hmmmmm. I already have achieved CJ’s 4 green bar status, but my goal is to attain Performer Status ($10,000+ in monthly commissions) before the next CJU Event.

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  1. Hi Kim,, Love your website…How do I get started with something like this, I dont have a website or even any idea what kind of product to sell or for that matter where
    to get started…Can you help?

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