Modern Streak: Contemporary Decor Techniques for Your Home Office

Home Office

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Home Office

When you work from home, you might think you need to have a small office with a desk, chair, bookcase, and other items that give a rather boring impression so you aren’t distracted. But this shouldn’t be the case as you can decorate the home office with contemporary design ideas that will still give a professional appeal. When you are comfortable in your home office, you might discover you get more work done, instead of sitting in an area that makes you want to fall asleep.

Brighten the Room

In order to maintain focus while working, a bright room is often a good solution. Paint the walls in a light color, such as white or beige. Add a laminate floor that looks like hardwood, or a lighter carpet. Once you change the colors of the walls and the floor, you will likely see the room feels like it’s more open than it was before. Keep the decorations of the room simple as some bright decor can be a distraction, but a few paintings or flowers can stimulate the mind.


While you’re sitting at your desk, you probably want to be as comfortable as possible. Consider getting an oversized office chair from a modern furniture line, so you have plenty of room to move around while sitting. Your desk should be something functional instead of just a centerpiece for the room. Add a few shelves to the room, and make sure the desk has plenty of space for all of your paperwork and small items that might get lost while you are working. A clear desk is an idea if you want a modern look, and it makes it easier to add other colors to the room. At Creative Furniture Galleries you might want to look for extra storage furniture like chairs with baskets attached and compartments to hold odds and ends you need out of sight.

Contrasting Colors

One of the modern techniques used in offices today is contrasting colors. An example would be dark orange and white, with a little black mixed in with the colors. The brightness of the white will make the orange shine through, while the black can give a calming effect in the room. You can use a light desk with darker walls or the opposite with a dark desk and lighter floors and walls. This is an idea that isn’t expensive to complete. Green, orange, and white also work well together.

Natural Wonders

Create a space that has natural light by removing the blinds from the window. If there is no window in the room, then consider changing to a room that has a large window. Add decorations that remind you of being outside, such as flowers or green plants. Oak colors are ideal for making the room seem larger than it is, and the oak gives the natural look that you wouldn’t get with glass and plastic.

The home office can be a world where you can function comfortably while getting a lot of work done. It can be a room where you can escape into a natural world by adding a few light colors and decorations. Keep the office cheerful, and take a few breaks to enjoy the view.

Modern Streak: Contemporary Decor Techniques for Your Home Office

2 thoughts on “Modern Streak: Contemporary Decor Techniques for Your Home Office”

  1. My office needs a redesign after using the same background for more than three years, but I want to choose more colorful furniture because summer is almost here.

  2. Brooke Chaplan

    Colors are so great aren’t they? I’ve been contemplating putting up a yellow chair in mine.

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