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There are many terrible websites out there today, thanks in part to the fact that anyone can make one, regardless of how much – or how little – training they have. However, even some websites that are designed to be as good and functional as possible contain errors, which you should avoid when making your own site.

Single Direction Navigation
This means that the user can get to a page by clicking a link – such as a product page – but that the user cannot get back off of that page with a link. The navigation only works going forward. They have to use the back button to go backwards, making things seem complicated and confusing.

Too Many Features
In many ways, simple pages are better than more complicated ones. As technology develops, people often like to cram as many pictures, videos and animations onto a site as possible. However, when there is too much going on, people will be overstimulated and they will leave the site.

Clashing Color Schemes
You need to pick out your colors very carefully. Start with a base of three colors, one of which is white. From there, use other colors only sparingly, if you need to accent something or draw the user’s attention. If you have eight colors that are equally represented, the site is going to look chaotic and unappealing to the eye.

Network Solutions offers e commerce web design services so that you do not make any of the mistakes listed above.

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