Office Anywhere: Design Ideas for Work at Home Parents

Fashionable Home Office

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Fashionable Home Office

For those parents that work from home, creating a productive office environment is important in order to maintain a successful business, and not losing your mind. Striking the perfect balance between a no-nonsense office, and one that blends with the home’s décor will translate into an efficient and productive space that also offers a degree of comfort and visual appeal.

Be Flexible

Working from home and being a parent requires a certain degree of flexibility. While it’s important to create an office space that is separate from the living area, it may be necessary for younger children to spend time in the office during certain times of the day.

Setting aside an area for children to occupy themselves, will allow parents to multi-task and still manage to be productive. Giving children a small white board, and age-appropriate office furniture will make them feel like they are part of the team.

Let There Be Light

It’s important for any home office to have sufficient natural light. This will help to create a more productive atmosphere, and a warmer environment. Lack of natural light will make parents and children tired and sluggish, which will result in lower productivity and tension among family members.

Install Cameras

When it’s necessary for a parent to remain in their office space, installing remote cameras makes it possible to monitor children in other areas of the home, while parents get to work.

Parents should avoid having unnecessary distractions in their home office. When children decide to watch a movie in a separate living space, cameras will allow the parent to continue working, while keeping a watchful eye on the little ones.

Office Furniture

When it comes to creating a productive home office, it’s never wise to settle for leftover furniture. Having an efficient workstation and an ergonomic office chair is important to maintain a productive space, and this is an area of office design where parents should never compromise.

Go to professionals who can recommend the perfect essentials and investments that easily pay for themselves. Settling for a dining room chair and a folding table as a desk, will only result in poor posture and a disorganized workspace.

While a home office should never be off limits to children, it’s important to make certain it’s designed as an office and not an extension of the playroom. Parents should establish boundaries and should make sure that the priority is to create a productive and professional space that will help to keep the home-based business a true success.

Office Anywhere: Design Ideas for Work at Home Parents

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