Orange Soda Can

When I wrote about orange soda earlier this month, I was seriously talking about drinking soda pop. But if you go to OrangeSoda.com, you will see that they are an internet marketing company. Ironic, eh?

OrangeSoda specializes in local small business internet marketing, specifically search engine marketing (SEM) so that your local business listing appears to the searchers looking for the goods and services that your business offers. They make sure your business is listed on the right search results pages for your selected keywords using pay per click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and maps optimization.

According to Michael Liedtke on USAToday.com, “Annual spending on keyword ads is expected to top $10 billion in 2010.” Wow. I plan on 2010 being a great year for myself as well. I wonder if people are going to say “twenty ten” or “two thousand ten” for the new year?

Anyway, even though OrangeSoda has only been in business since 2006 (which is quite credible in internet years), they’ve served big and small clients and their internet marketing case studies are quite impressive.

They also have “Partner” opportunities. I applied to be an Affiliate (through Kolimbo). But you can also apply to be a Reseller or even a White Label account where they handle everything from billing to customer support while be co-branded with your site. Cool beans. Wait… Orange Soda.

Maybe I better retract my statement that I hate the color orange now?