I don’t usually publicly divulge when I lose money.

But I admit lost $100. In a bet, no less.

Over lunch, a friend of mine and I were discussing diet soda pops.  I said how after being a die-hard Pepsi fan finally converted to Diet Mountain because I didn’t like any of the diet cola options.  I mentioned how I liked Diet Sunkist, but I need caffeine to function, and orange sodas don’t have caffeine.

“But they do, ” he replied.  “No way,” I didn’t believe him.  And we bet $100 on it.  He asked the waitress for a can of Diet Sunkist to prove me wrong. And I had to fess up that I was wrong and hand over $100 buckaroos.  He proceeded to tell me that he used to give his son Sunkist soda thinking it was caffeine-free as well, and when he realized it was making his son wired, he read the label showing there is indeed caffeine in orange soda.

Why am I telling you this?  Is there a moral to the story? Not really.

I was browsing ViewPoints.com and read some orange soda reviews where one reviewers says Sunkist is ruining her marriage saying the orange soda gives her more satisfaction than her husband! Funny stuff. And the story reminded me of my own Sunkist story. So there.

P.S. Do you call is “Pop”, “Soda” or “Coke”? See if the Pop vs. Soda map is accurate for your region.