How to Prevent Marital Strain when You Both Work from Home

Marital Strain

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After more than a year of living in a country ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, one might think that people are finally starting to get the hang of living under quarantine. But the truth is, it would be a disservice to families everywhere to assume this process has gotten easier. It can be highly stressful to be in close quarters with the same people day in and day out — even if they’re people you love and adore.

For married couples, this time has proven to be especially stressful. Studies have shown that more and more couples are fighting and feeling tense while living with the pandemic, making the number of search inquiries for divorce attorneys greater than ever.

According to the team at the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock, though, the pandemic doesn’t necessarily have to be a kiss of death for you and your partner. By following the tips outlined in the guide below, you can work together to prevent marital strain.

3 Ways to Avoid Fighting with Your Partner Under Lockdown

1. Create a Routine

Part of the reason why couples are fighting more now than they were before is because of the sudden and drastic change to what was considered their “normal” routine. The stress of the unknown often has a way of manifesting as irritation and bitterness between loved ones. The best way to combat this issue is to find a “new normal.”

Sit down with your partner and talk about what each of you needs in order to be successful during the day. For example, you might both need your own space to conduct meetings or get work done in private. In this case, you should agree to designate two separate rooms as your own “offices.” Promise each other that you’ll respect these boundaries during working hours; try to imagine that the other person is actually away at the office and that you don’t have the ability to just walk in whenever you want.

2. Designate Personal Hours

Studies are finding that because people are working from home, they’re actually working even longer and harder hours than they did when they were in the office. Part of this is because there’s no need to pack it up at 5:00 to avoid rush hour or pick up the kids. When you’re already at home, it’s a lot easier to convince yourself it doesn’t hurt to work an extra hour or two.

This can be problematic for married couples though, as the increased stress of additional work and the decreased personal time places strain on the romance in the relationship. To avoid this issue, set designated personal hours for each day. Promise that you won’t continue working after 6:00 P.M. Once you do stop working, focus on spending the time you have before bed on being an active participant in the marriage and the family.

3. Be Patient with One Another

At the end of the day, a marriage is about a partnership, through good times and through bad ones. Although tensions may be running high due to the pandemic, it’s important to try and remain patient with one another. You’re both going through the same thing, and you need to remember that you’re playing on the same team, not against one another. Remaining patient with one another will give each of you the support and strength needed to keep moving forward during an already tumultuous time.

Even if you follow the tips above, it’s unreasonable to assume you and your partner will never have a lockdown-related fight again. But by incorporating these suggestions and staying strong, you can preserve your marriage and get through the rough patch.

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