What Is a Progressive Web Application?

Progressive Web Application

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Progressive web application or PWA is a modern technological solution that allows customers to use your web resource as a convenient application on a smartphone or any other mobile device without internet connection, it’s also possible to use a PWA, it’s the main advantage of the technology.

Thanks to the development of this technology, now there is no need for additional development of separate applications for Android and iOS. All that is required is to have one website with PWA technology.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

In recent years, progressive web application technology has exploded in popularity. The main advantages of a PWA UX solution include the following points:

  • the ability to send users push notifications;
  • significant cost savings are achieved due to the absence of costs for re-attracting clients;
  • no need to place individual applications on Google Play and AppStore (you can download the application immediately from your resource);
  • development and maintenance is cheaper than third-party mobile applications;
  • the PWA application takes up the minimum amount of space on the user’s device (up to 1 MB);
  • progressive web applications actively work with a microphone, geolocation, and camera functions;
  • PWA is much faster than a regular website;
  • the app remains functional even when there is no Internet connection.

PWA UX design has become a real technological breakthrough. Its advantages have already been appreciated by such large global corporations as AliExpress, Twitter, Forbes, Tinder, Telegram, Uber, Starbucks, etc.

What Tasks Will PWA Help With?

With the help of progressive web applications, you can solve a wide range of the most diverse and ambitious tasks in your own business. PWA or Magento storefront will provide a simplified search for your resource – only one tap on the screen is required to access it. Thus, progressive web apps ensure an easy as well as quick return of customers to you, boosting repeat sales.

By using PWA (https://www.gomage.com/magento-2-pwa/storefront/), it is easy to make your brand more recognizable, because the icon with your company logo will always be in sight of users. Convenient tools that are available allow you to sell products and increase your average check using push notifications. In addition, push notifications allow you to maintain reliable communication with customers, promptly informing them about important events.

Those who prefer Magento PWA storefront are able to save significant amounts from their advertising budget. You no longer need to spend money on setting up additional advertising, because at any time you are simply able to send a promotional offer to any client via a notification.

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