Protecting Your Business: 5 Techy Tips to Keep Your Company Secure

Protecting Your Business: 5 Techy Tips to Keep Your Company Secure

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Protecting Your Business: 5 Techy Tips to Keep Your Company Secure

Modern businesses face an unprecedented variety of security threats ranging from theft of physical property to digital attacks from hackers and malicious programs. While the widespread implementation of technology brings some new risks to the workplace, it also provides you with innovative ways to protect commercial property. Business owners should always keep their eye out for new developments in security technology that offer affordable and effective improvements to their existing measures.

Manage Digital User Accounts Actively

It may be easier to give employees accounts with full access as a matter of convenience, but this comes at the expense of reducing security. In general, it’s a good idea to minimize the total number of top-level accounts and split up crucial access credentials between them. This limits the potential damage if one of the accounts becomes compromised. Businesses should also actively manage their accounts by changing passwords and evaluating access needs on a routine basis.

Create a Honey Pot Computer

Nearly half of cyber-attacks in 2016 were conducted against relatively small businesses, according to data released by Small Business Trends. This means that company leaders from businesses of all sizes should be looking for effective ways to improve their digital defenses. While setting up an easily-targeted “honey pot” computer is a relatively advanced tactic, it can also provide a valuable buffer and offer advanced warning of attacks. Talk to a IT security expert about isolating and monitoring a dummy computer to protect your network.

Upgrade Locks for Better Access Control

If you are still struggling to jam a flimsy key into an old, jingling door knob then it may be time for an upgrade. Maintaining sturdy, modern locks is one of the essentials of company security. Advanced access control solutions, like those provided by Arapahoe County Security Center Inc., allow staff members to completely ditch the keys in favor of cards, codes or biometric access. With this kind of system, you don’t have to worry about keys being lost, stolen or duplicated, as individual access can be granted or removed without changing the entire mechanism.

Monitor the Premises with Wireless Cameras

Many businesses owners hesitate to install ample security cameras in their workplace due to the hassle of running cords and setting up the network. Fortunately, there are now a wide range of wireless cameras that only require minimal installation. Cameras can communicate across a secure private network and some are even designed for mobility and dynamics use. Cameras are still one of the most effective deterrents to theft and vandalism, so they can provide a lot of value with minimal effort.

Update Important Software

Many computer users fall for the temptation to postpone updates on their computer until a later time, but this behavior can have negative consequences for the entire company. Operating system and browser updates sometimes include crucial security patches that address an immediate concern for users. Waiting a few days to install updates could make the difference between avoiding a virus and watching it take down your entire network.

No matter what methods you use to protect your business, you should always look for opportunities to improve your security. It can also be a good idea to consult with a business security contractor and conduct a live test of active measures to gauge their effectiveness. It’s easy to miss things that are obvious to those with experience in the field, so don’t be afraid to hire a professional to help tighten things up.

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