Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Are you set on becoming your own boss and having a career that matches your lifestyle and priorities?

If so, there are several jobs you may want to consider. With the right training and a strong work ethic, you can create a career that is fulfilling and flexible enough to meet your needs. Here are some potential industries to consider.

1. Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry can offer some lucrative career prospects, especially if you are good with people and willing to put in lots of hours for the first several years. To get started, figure out the licensing requirements in your state to plan your education and testing. For example, there are three different levels of nevada real estate license requirements. You may get a salesperson license after completing the initial course and exam, but you must have years of experience working under a licensed broker before you can get your own broker credentials.

2. Life Coach

If you enjoy helping people and have a knack for encouragement and communication, you may be a good life coach. The term “life coach” doesn’t have a specific definition in most places, so you may need to look at state laws to determine what sort of training or licensing you need before setting up your business. Consider limiting your services to a single topic, such as business, academic, or wellness coaching. This can make it easier to develop a client base through word-of-mouth advertising.

3. Interior Decorator

Being an interior decorator could be a good choice if you have some natural artistic capabilities and enjoy home improvement projects. There may be several ways to develop your skills, from traditional education programs to vocational courses. You may also be able to intern with a working designer to learn on the job. Once you are ready to start out on your own, you can work on developing your portfolio and improving your name recognition in your local area’s home improvement industry.

4. Photographer

Photography is a popular hobby, but with some talent and practice, you may be able to turn it into a successful career. You may not need any formal training, but chances are you will have to work for free or for low fees while you develop your skills and fill out your portfolio. This is a competitive industry in many places, and you may have more success if you narrow your focus to a niche, such as portraits, professional headshots, or weddings.

Starting your own business can be extremely fulfilling. Increase your chances of success by choosing a field that matches your talents and interests.