In the digital world, there are hundreds and thousands of options out there for you when it comes to choosing an agency to help you design and build a new website, so how do you know which is the right one for you?

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Web Design Agency

We’ve caught up with Liquid Bubble, one of London’s leading web design agencies, and have put together this quick guide to hopefully help you separate the time wasters from the guys that are going to deliver a top quality website for your business.

Track Record

The first thing you should be on the lookout for is the track record and reliability of the agency that you’re looking for.

You’re making a big investment with a new website, so you need to be sure that you’re going to get a good return on that investment.

Try to find out how long the agency has been in business for and see what kind of websites they have delivered in the past.

Ideally, you want to find one who has designed websites in your industry before, so you know that they have some prior experience.

The best thing to do to work all of this out is to ask if they can provide some references from previous clients and see if they have a testimonials section on their site.

Project Management

How the project will be managed is another important consideration and in most cases, it’s beneficial to choose an agency where you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager.

Having this sole point of contact means you have a clear line of communication and there’s less chance for crossed wires and things getting missed.

It’s also a good idea to choose an agency which guarantees regular meetings and other checks to ensure that things are running smoothly throughout the course of the project.


There are benefits to both small and large agencies, but how an agency is staffed is important.

A larger team will likely mean that while a senior designer will oversee things, there’ll likely be a team of people working on the project at a time, but with a smaller team, you might just have one person who you work with on a one to one basis.

There’s no right option here, so you’ll have to think about your own preferences and needs.

Some agencies may also outsource some of the work. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it could wind up being a lot cheaper for you, but you have to ensure that they’re going to be managed properly.


SEO (search engine optimisation) has to be a consideration for your web design agency because if your users can’t find your website, it’s not going to perform for you.

Some design agencies may claim to have a good understanding of SEO, but in reality, don’t have the skills to implement it into the design of your site.

Make sure that your design agency actually has a wide range of skills, including SEO and that they’re thinking the actual design and thinking about how the site is going to function for you further down the line.

Here’s a more detailed rundown of how web design and SEO can influence each other, from Search Engine Land.


You want your new website to be as easy as possible to update, and with this in mind, most sites are built on a Content Management System (CMS).

Make sure to ask a design agency what CMS they use and how easy it is for you to use and update.

A lot of agencies use WordPress and this is generally seen as the easiest option, but there are others to consider, so check out this guide from CMS Wire for some help on choosing.