Recession-Proof Jobs: How To Get Ahold Of One

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With the current state of the economy, the number one question which is present on everyone’s mind is job security. The days have gotten really competitive and if you want to earn even a tiny bit of cash you need to work hard for it. Plus you may never know, because of the recession, one day you might have a job and the next day you get a pink slip telling you, you’ve been let off. For those of you who dream about the perfect job and a job which you just love going to, it’s time to burst your bubble. That job virtually doesn’t really exist, unless you are one in a million of the lucky few. Point is, there are a handful of jobs which will help you last through the recession, will help you earn a decent standard of living and which also gives you job security, and we list those out for you.

1. The Medical Frontier

If you have a background in medicine, then you have a long list of jobs to pick from. First of all you could try out for a doctor or a dentist if you have the qualifications to go with it. People never stop falling sick, so doctors never really go out of business either. Statistics have shown that even through recession the health care industry managed to rise quite a bit. Then again, if you aren’t qualified enough you could always try out for a nurse, physical therapist or even an ambulance driver! Finally if nothing works out you could always work as a pharmacist. Due to the recent up rise in unemployment the demand for over the counter drugs to stay fit have increased (unemployment equals no health insurance). This basically means an increase in the demand for pharmacists.

2. Teachers / College Professors

Due to the economy a lot of people are going back to school in hopes of getting a better degree for a better job. So the demand for college professors increases. Plus if you do your job right then you won’t even get fired!

3. Law Enforcement

Recession is directly proportional to rise in crime. When people get laid off, they get desperate to survive and the crime rate in the city goes up. But you can’t really call this profession completely recession proof. Law enforcement officers do get laid off, but it takes a few years for that to happen. And according to studies, the rate of the lay off for these officers is lower than compared to various other professions.

4. Accountants

Recession makes the accounts of companies almost impossible to control, so for all those accounts out there, here’s where you come in. The companies need accountants to keep tracks of all their business transactions and other accounts. This is also applicable for individuals. Due to the changes in taxes, people need accountants to manage their finance, so this is a good job during the recession.

5. Care Providers for Senior Citizens

There are various nursing homes all over the country that are looking for staff to care for senior citizens. Although the entire economy is in shambles, care for the elderly is a necessity and those who care for them will have to be paid for. So if you are looking for a job during recession, this would actually be a really good option (if you have no professional experience in any other field.)

6. The IT Sector

Irrespective of the condition of the economy the highest demand keeps coming in from the information technology sector. A plus point of working in the IT sector is that the companies have to start to function more efficiently during recession and hence the companies look out for professionals who are efficient as well. So this would be a sound job to have during the times to economic crisis.

So when we say recession proof, you can’t expect that among these jobs none of them are going to get any impact of the recession. It basically means that the impact is considerably less compared to the other jobs which are there in the market. You have a lot of jobs which are helpful during the recession beyond this list as well. You could sit down and think about the recession and the various sectors which it affects and how that affects other sectors in the economy in a positive way and hence you can come up with jobs which are safe to opt for during this time.

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