Social Networking

Finding a job is more than just turning in resumes and going to an interview: it’s all about the network. Learning how to network on social media sites and in person is a great way to learn about new jobs in the area or even side jobs for the weekend.

In the increasing technology of today, social media is the nexus for interpersonal networking. Some companies also use these sites to research information about potential employees—so even if you do not use it to enhance your job seeking skills, be wary what you post! Three of the most popular social networking web sites are Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Tweet your Way to a Social Network

First on the list is Twitter. This social media sites allows people to send out short status updates to their surrounding group of friends. People can share topics that are on their mind at the moment and read what others have to say. Easy and effective, this website makes it simple to get word out about a job hunt to a wide range of people.


One of the highest ranked websites in the United States, Facebook offers users a way to share everything that they could ever want to. You can comment on different friend’s pages, post pictures, sell items and join a group. This website is at the top of the list that employers check up on after an interview, so be extremely careful to always present yourself as professionally as possible. You should also try setting your account to private.

Networking with Business Professionals

Potentially the most popular website for job hunters, LinkedIn is social media’s mecca for business relationships. Profiles on LinkedIn should look just as professional as they would on your resume. This website is intended for business people to connect, so the pages should be designed with that in mind. People on this website gradually develop a network, but some people try to get around this. People may try to add you just so that they can add a different person. Be careful about who you allow onto your network and only allow people you know.

The Old-fashioned Way

The Internet is undoubtedly the world’s top place for social networking, but twenty years ago people did it the old fashioned way. As a child of the 80s, I was extremely accustomed to using cell phones, computers and fax machines to get my point across. When I met my husband, he gradually introduced me to a different way of doing things. If he sees someone at a café near him or sitting on a bench, he will start up a conversation. This friendly manner of doing things is not just a way of meeting people and sharing a bit of optimism—it also works for networking. Since I adopted my husband’s way of talking to people, I was told about a job opportunity abroad that I received. I have also developed different clients for my writing and found a few private English lessons. Without actual face to face social networking, I would never have moved abroad to work or discovered writing as a career. This old manner of social networking may quickly become a thing of the past, but it still works for my husband and me.

The world is a rapidly changing place. As technology grows, the way in which people network and find job opportunities will continue to change. Finding a job through your real life friend network or through a social media website is completely possible. Always remember to present yourself to the world the way that you want to be seen. Potential employers will search for your name on-line and too many negative comments or scandalous photographs can ruin your chances of getting the job.