How To Remove Image Backgrounds Easily With Movavi Photo Editor

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Are you just about to upload your latest shots on social media but you are not exactly happy with the backdrop? Well, at times it seems that we could have shot the pictures at a different location. However, now that you have already clicked the pictures and a re-shoot is not possible- what can you do to straighten the things? It’s easy. You will simply need Movavi Photo Editor here. It’s a state of the art photo editor and one of its main functions is removal of image background. Thanks to the advanced Movavi program you can now conveniently change the undesired backdrop of your shots and get new interesting backgrounds for them.

The post below shares how to remove image background with Movavi Photo Editor.

Step 1

The first thing is to download and install Movavi Photo Editor in your PC or laptop.

Step 2

Go to Browse for Images and click on it to select your photos. It will help you to bring your images to the Movavi program window.

Step 3

Now, we have arrived at the main phase of our background removal process.

Go to Change Background and click on it. Take to Foreground brush to mark the part that you have separate from image background. Then, choose Background Brush as it will help to mark background. Once the marquee selection appears around the marked stuff and you are done with the borders, click on Next Step.

Now, again, go to Foreground Mask tool to smoothen the edges. Background Mask will be useful to mark areas you need to take out. Now, click on Next Step.

After you are done with the removal, the picture with the removed backdrop will come up on a transparent background. If you want to take the new background from an image in your computer folder, Go to Add Image. Then, click on Upload and select the desired photo for new background. Movavi Photo Editor also hosts a number of background options to choose from. After you are done with background selection, click on Apply.

Step 4

Click on Save tab and pick one of the preferred formats to save the edited photo in that format.

Features of Movavi Photo Editor

  • Performs a number of photo editing functions like cropping, resizing, rotating and so on.
  • Improves picture quality
  • Hosts a number of special effects and filters
  • Able to remove unwanted objects from photo

Useful tips for users

  • In the first step of background removal, you can use tools like Selection Eraser and Lasso for precise removal of marks from the image background border.
  • If you want to refine fine things in the image background like wisps of grass or hair strands, use Hair Selection brush.

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