A well-run SEO campaign has long been established as a necessary step to any marketing strategy. However, it can be a difficult concept to grasp especially when your method of learning is by skim reading article after article (I’ve been there!). Likewise, it can be an intimidating experience seeking outside advice from a SEO “experts” especially when you don’t know what they’re talking about. I liken it to taking your car to the garage, when the mechanic tells me my heat pump is broken, all I can do is nod my head and trust in him blindly. However, we’ve compiled a list of tell-tale signs so that you can spot exactly when someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to SEO strategies. No longer will we be taken for a ride.

We guarantee your site will be #1 within X amount of days…

This one is a big red flag, run straight for the hills if any expert tries to tell you this. Yes, it is their job to get you ranking on the first page of Google however any SEO manager worth their salt knows that this is a lengthy and convoluted process. A good SEO agency should be more focussed on the process of getting you there than the actual outcome. They should be excited about being detailed orientated, understanding your industry and target audience and creating valuable connections online with like-minded sources.

We’re a Google-certified partner

Just to clear things up once and for all, there is no such thing as being a google-certified SEO expert and I’m sure Google would have something to say about this! Some companies will try and fool you with a google partner seal that they will proudly place on their website. This seal can be obtained by having AdWords accounts under management and taking a multiple-choice test, which doesn’t require much skill at all, let me tell you.

I know how google Algorithms work

They might understand how Google operates but they don’t understand the intricacies of the algorithm. It’s actually almost impossible to figure this out as there are hundreds of factors that decide a google ranking and Google continually changes its pattern and rules.

You will boost your sales with SEO

Although increased traffic to your site will encourage a boost in sales, SEO doesn’t directly impact this. It also depends on factors such as content marketing, social media marketing and a pay per clicks method.

Your SEO Will be Fixed in a Month

As mentioned previously, SEO is a long-term project that take many months of analysis, attention and optimisation. SEO is also not stationary, with trending topics and keywords continually shifting and changing.

So, there you have it five easy tell-tale signs to spot a faker in the digital marketing space. Obviously, it’s crucial that you do your own extensive research before choosing who to work with however, these common lies are a good place to start. In any work relationship, it’s important to foster an honest and open dialogue, knowing that you’re not being taken for a ride will help you navigate this difficult process.