Tips to Keep Your Home Office Organised and Clutter Free

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Messy Desk Photo

There is no benefit to having a cluttered workspace. A cluttered place is only good as hiding places for pests, and nothing else. This is why, it is important that you organise your home office in a way that reduces clutter.

Here are some simple tips you can make use of to do the same:

Decide what you need

Chances are, you are keeping lots of things that you do not really need in your home office. So, first of all, make a list of all the things that are essential to your work. Then, eliminate everything else. If you use your binder regularly, for instance, keep it. However, if there is a pen holder that you never use, keep it in another part of your house. Similarly, get rid of outdated papers and other stuff.

Group similar things

Since there is clutter in your home office, it is very likely that your items are scattered all over the place. So, it is best that you group similar items together. For instance, keep all the papers in a single spot, and all the books in a different spot. Keep your stapler and glue in one drawer and keep other similar things organised in different places.

Make use of hiding places

Once you know which items you use on a daily basis and which you use very rarely, it is easy to de-clutter your space. Keep everything that you use only once in a week or month away from the table. Make use of hidden drawers and closets. Put all the junk that you rarely use inside them. This will significantly reduce the amount of clutter in your space. Since pests like clutter, you can expect to get rid of pests this way, too.

Take a few photographs

Since you see your home office on a daily basis, it may be difficult to spot the useless items at first glance. This is why some experts recommend that you take a few photos of your workspace. Looking at a photo is like having a third person viewpoint. When you objectively look at photographs, you start to notice things better. After you gather which items are useless from the photographs, be ruthless in eliminating them.

Get rid of pests

Sometimes, de-cluttering also involves getting rid of pests. In case your home office has lots of pests, you can make use of a good professional pest contractor, such as Empire Pest Control. They are London based, but cover a wide area around the UK and have a great reputation for being reliable.

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