Search Engine Optimization

It is important that you figure out your keywords! This is something having to do with SEO that has been quite consistent. Keywords may have gone down a bit in importance since Google changed up the rules, however they are still going to be a big part of your strategy overall. You do not have to spam them, but you still need to include them. Research the keywords and then make your decision based upon whether you want to use them based upon how many competitor that you have and how much of a reach you are expecting.

Going Mobile

This is for SEO as well as marketing. Research shows that mobile searches have gone on to surpass desktop searches and Google has already started Mobilegeddon, so you need to take care of a few things. To start with, you need to make sure that your website is responsive. It needs to be visible for mobile as well as desktop. Luckily, the themes that are available have been built in so you probably do not have to worry. Second, you have to be able to market to all of your mobile users. This will mean shortening your content and making longer pieces of your content a thing of the past.

Keep an Eye on your Reputation

Your businesses online reputation is so important and ensuring it looks top notch online is very important. There are numerous ways that you can do this, however monitoring your search results for your brand should be number one. Anyone can post on the web and as such people often can cause issues for a business reputation. If you have an issue crisis PR firms such as Reputation Communication may be able to help.

Your Images And Videos

It goes without saying that attention spans shorten each year. Written content is something that is becoming fairly intolerable for marketing, yet it remains a factor in SEO. Through it all, images and video have been able to take over on both sides.

When it comes to marketing, your images and video will need to target mobile devices. It all makes sense whenever someone is one the move, as they are not going to have the time necessary to read through all sorts of content. Video can give them all of the information that they need to know.

Social Media Focus

It is just about impossible to target SEO in a direct manner. Google wants companies to get away from doing this and they want you to focus on users. This will mean that social media has new prominence and it will be a reflection of true popularity. Something popular will become popular on both social media and the search rankings on Google.

Social media needs to become the core of your campaigns for both marketing and SEO. Consider a much higher level of engagement with social media as it is important to general marketing as well. Here are some good tips.

Utilize Analytics

Marketing and SEO comes intertwined, meaning that any date that you receive from marketing can go hand in hand with your SEO terms. Use this date from both of these sources so that you can put out a strategy for months to come.

Tell Your Story

This is a guide that shows how important it is to engage your users. You can and should tell story and your brand should always have a story behind it that interests customers. Make sure that your brand is always telling a story and if they engage, this should be able to boost your SEO.