5 Factors That Will Show You The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

5 Factors That Will Show You The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

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You’ve heard that social media marketing is vital to a successful business, but are you convinced yet?

Well, the truth is out (just ask Google). The importance of social media marketing cannot be overstated.

If you’re looking to get a new business or website up and running in a competitive way, then it’s time to give your social media strategy some serious thought. Here are 5 factors that illustrate the importance of social media marketing.

1. Inexpensive Growth

When you’re a new startup, expenses add up. Heck, when you’re a thriving corporation, expenses add up. Having extra dough to spend on marketing campaigns can be challenging.

With social media marketing, you can get some serious bang for little to no bucks. All the major social platforms require nothing to sign up and register your new business account.

With the advent of SEO, it’s almost impossible to argue the need for a social presence. The lack of cost makes it an essential staple in any marketing strategy.

Once you’ve established your brand on social media and you’ve got a little more cash flow, you can invest in small increments towards social media ads or paid campaigns.

2. Awareness

Are you a new blogger looking for an easy way to let people know you exist? Create a social media presence, stat.

In today’s market, it’s going to be hard to get discovered as a new business or website if you have zero social presence. Not to mention, your website’s searchability doesn’t stand a chance without at least a Facebook page.

Social media platforms also give you a chance to present your brand story and vision. You have a perfect place to tell your story with video, articles, or images.

3. Be Transparent

Customers today value transparency. If they can’t tell who they’re working with and understand the details of a product or service, they aren’t gonna bite.

Social media gives you a chance to speak with customers, answer their questions, respond to concerns, and give a clear look into the workings of your business.

The transparency social media gives you makes your business or website easier to trust. Trust equals more customers.

4. Communicate and Engage

Similar to the idea of transparency, social media lets you engage costumers and communicate with them.

Have a new site to unveil? Want to get the word out about a new product or promotion? Social media is the fastest, least expensive, way to do it. You can create a post, video, or article and have it published almost immediately.

Not to mention, customers can engage with your content on social media. They can reply, share, or like it. The engagement social media will garner for your content is not only hard to put a price tag on but hard to create through any other marketing effort.

5. More Website Traffic

Having an effective SEO strategy is an essential part of running a website. The more content your brand has on social media that is valuable and engaging, the more likely your brand will rise in the Google rankings.

If you create valuable content on social media, people will come. Consider using a company that specializes in digital marketing services for help with driving traffic to your website.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

It’s would be impossible to describe the importance of social media marketing in an entire blog, let alone one post.

Hopefully, you at least have some idea now of why it’s so important. For more ideas on running a successful from-home endeavor, check out our post: 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Couch.” Best of luck!

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