Startup Challenges: 5 Reasons Your New Company Needs a Database Service

If you own or operate a startup, then you are no doubt always looking for ways to improve your business. This can take the form of improving your marketing, your technological assets (developers, programmers, designers) or your financial investments. However, something that should not be overlooked is your internal database systems. Databases are crucial for startups that want to remain competitive. They are much more than a mere spreadsheets and companies that fail to utilize them correctly will miss out on major opportunities to grow. Here are several reasons why your company needs a database service to navigate these tricky waters.


Databases in the modern sense rely on the web. They use JSON and other languages to quickly pull up information and display it to the user. If someone is searching on your site, for instance, and it takes forever for their request to load, they may decide to leave. You don’t want to lose engagement due to poor database management. Proper services help you speed up the algorithms you’re using to make the most of your site’s computing power.

Ease of Use

Great search engines that have underlying databases are hardly ever thought of. In other words, your user shouldn’t think “well that is a great database.” Ideally, it works so easily and swiftly that they never give it a second thought. This is part of what makes the world’s most popular web services and apps “sticky.” Put simply, people love to use them, and they don’t quite know why. Of course, as a startup professional, you understand that what people don’t see is often the most important part of their experience.


Nothing is worse than being hacked. Major corporations, startups, retailers, and even government organizations have been hacked in recent years. If you think your startup is immune to this kind of attack, you’re kidding yourself. The only way to prevent security holes is to have proper analysis of your database’s weak points and take action to fix them. This is precisely what a professional database service achieves for you. That way, you can get back to what you do best: growing your company.


It’s impossible to scale your company if your systems behind the scenes can’t keep up. With modern servers like AWS it’s not difficult to have multiple instances of a website or app operating. The difficult part is keeping track of the database info that is being served up without sacrificing speed. This is where a service that specializes in that can save you time, headaches, and dollars at the end of the day.

Data Analysis

Big data is getting to be more important every day. It’s the trend that sets successful new companies apart from the ones that get left behind. Technology like elasticsearch database, MySQL, and more are incredibly useful. However, they can be a hassle to get a grasp on. If you don’t have a deep mastery of these subjects, it’s best to have professionals assist you. This way you can glean insights of how to focus on core customers, eliminate costs, and deploy marketing resources to capture more market share. Information is power.

When it comes to database management for your new company, you don’t want to be caught without the proper resources. While your competitors are scaling up and moving faster than ever before, you could be left in the dust. Instead, take your database management seriously and consider having professionals help you get to the next level. The result will be greater growth for now and into the future.