Top Techniques to Improve Your SEO Rankings

Techniques to Improve Your SEO Rankings

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Good rankings may be all you need to bring customers into your business. If people can’t find their way to your website, that’s a problem. If they find your site poorly designed, difficult to navigate, or full of broken links, that’s a problem too. Both scenarios will create an unsatisfactory user experience that will leave your website visitors unhappy. When they are unhappy, they won’t buy from you.

Aspiring web entrepreneurs can consider hiring an SEO consultant to handle your digital strategy. They can help in:

Detailed SEO Audit

This is the first step in SEO that should be performed for every client. Also known as an SEO action plan, you should start with this because it helps define what needs to be done and how your website will perform after all of the tasks are completed. The action plan is very important because having everyone on board ensures that thorough work will be done, and everyone will communicate throughout the entire process.

Roadmap for SEO Success

After your action plan has been completed, you should create a roadmap that outlines the specific steps to take in order to make your website more visible online. This will help determine whether or not you are currently on track or if there are any missing pieces of the puzzle. By following this strategy for success, you know exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to get done by. You can also assign tasks for anyone working on SEO so that they can all work together as a team instead of independently.

Competitor SEO Analysis

Before starting an SEO campaign, it is important to research what types of keywords your competitors are using and how often they’re being searched. This will help you determine which keywords are the most popular, how many people are searching for them, and where your competitors rank. By comparing these numbers to the ones of your website, any holes in your SEO strategy can be quickly identified so they can be addressed or filled.

Backlink Audit

Now it’s time for some investigation into backlinks. Your business website needs quality backlinks from quality websites relevant to your niche/industry to get indexed by Google. A backlink audit should begin with finding out how many incoming links each page of your site has received over the past few months or years depending on when you started up your website. After you have this information, split it up into three groups: good, bad, and ugly.

Good backlinks include links from websites that are highly rated by search engines, relevant to your niche/industry, and have a decent amount of traffic. Bad inbound links will be ones that are irrelevant to your industry or niche or even worse spammy sites linking with keyword-rich anchor text. And the ugly ones are going to be those with little-to-no authority in particular niches/industries.

Roadmap for Website Redesign

Website redesigning is another thing that SEO consultants can help you with because it is important for creating a positive user experience and engages visitors to keep them on your site longer so they can discover more about what you have to offer. Implementing good design techniques will also help you rank higher in the search engines so that more people are directed.


After all of the work is done, reporting should be generated for both SEO consultants and clients alike, so everyone knows exactly where they stand with their website at this point in time. This is extremely useful because it shows what changes have been made over the last month or year and how successful those changes were. You can even compare metrics against competitors to see if you’re on track for success or not.

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