5 Great Computer Tips for Remote Writers

Remote Writers

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Remote work is on the rise, and writers, in particular, are in need of computers that fit their lifestyle and unique needs. Finding the right hardware is the first step, but there are great ways to make your work more streamlined once you have it. Downloading a program like OneLaunch will keep all of your most-used apps, and information one click away. Learning shortcuts and organizing your files will also make everything run more smoothly. Here are five great computer tips for remote writers.

1. Improve Your Spell-Check

Applications like Microsoft Word have had basic spell-check capabilities for a long time, but there are new applications that do much more than correct simple spelling issues. Apps like Grammarly can correct sentence structure, punctuation issues, and even style issues to make your writing flow better. Think of it as your own digital editor. You will save yourself lots of headaches printing and proofreading the old-fashioned way.

2. Use Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are invaluable when writing. You likely know copy and paste, but undo, select text, bold text, and more are so helpful for writers on a deadline. If you have trouble remembering them, you can print out a list of shortcuts that are useful for writers and refer to it when you’re unsure. After using it for a few days, you’ll start remembering those that you use the most often and wonder why you hadn’t learned them before.

3. Organize Your Notes

Many computers come with built-in notes software, but there are lots of different applications available to download depending on your needs. Popular apps like Evernote keep clippings, photos, notes, and whatever else you need to save across devices. If your writing requires a lot of research, a good notes app will be vital to keeping all of your information in one place.

4. Try Task-Management Software

Keeping up with timelines, tasks, and deadlines can be confusing, and your calendar is often not enough to keep track of what needs to be done. Task management software like Trello is a great option for staying on course. Research which task-management software best fits your workflow and get your projects organized moving forward.

5. Keep Your Files in the Cloud

If you have multiple computers or need to access your files from your devices on the go, keeping your files in the cloud is a must. Companies like Dropbox or WeTransfer can help you save and send big files without worrying you won’t have them when you need them. It is helpful to organize folders before uploading, so you know where everything you need is located.

Whether you work on a laptop or a home computer, the tips above can be helpful for making your writing process go more smoothly. Even if you still prefer to take handwritten notes, combining some of the information above with your current process can take your writing to the next level. Not only can getting your computer organized help streamline your day, but a fresh start can also lighten your mood and allow more creativity to flow.

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