The 7 Most Competitive SEO Niches

The 7 Most Competitive SEO Niches

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Most people have the belief that one has to come up with a new business discovery in order to be successful. This is not necessarily true because one can still prosper in most of the already established markets. All one has to do is find their perfect niche in the market, learn everything there is to know about it, and everything will fall into place.

Finding a niche is not as complicated as one may think. To be successful in a thriving market, one needs to find a way in which they can help people fulfill their greatest needs and deepest desires. If one has a solution to another individual’s problems, the individual would be willing to pay good money to have their problems disappear.

Below are some of the most competitive SEO niches, that one could venture in and try their luck:

1. Health

Health is one of the most competitive niches that one could achieve great success. Most people are currently trying to change their lifestyle as well as eating habits in order to live longer and avoid diseases. Information on how to check a diet’s cholesterol levels and amount of calories is now common to the public and individuals are now going for healthier kinds of foods.

One could try to venture in a business dealing with the manufacturing or provision of food products free of gluten, detox teas, and other kinds of natural remedies that may be trending in the market. For instance, marijuana is being legalized in various states because of its medical benefits. So, one can also try growing the herb for supply to hospitals and medical centers.

Skills and expertise also play an important role in order to succeed in the health niche.

2. Real Estate

Real estate businesses have a lot of competition but that should not discourage one from venturing into them. Content creation is important in real estate because the majority of real estate companies have websites. Anyone wishing to venture into the real estate world should use SEO techniques to ensure their company website ranks among the top in the page results of major search engines like Google.

The real estate website should have a lot of informative and educational content in order to attract many leads. One should ensure the site has clear and concise calls to action and interesting tips that will prompt potential clients to get in touch and close a deal.

3. Beauty

The beauty industry is always growing and booming because everyone wants to look youthful and have clear skin. Beauty is a great niche to take on because one can manufacture or supply a wide variety of beauty products. You can supply products such as lipsticks, hair supplements, wigs, weaves, facial creams, body creams, nail products, anti-ageing products, and other makeup products.

Whoever is thinking of joining the beauty industry should be skilled in marketing using SEO strategies in order to promote their brand.

4. Legal Services

People are always in need of some kind of legal service. Studies show that nearly 100 percent of individuals in need of legal services will search online.

The legal service is a profitable business to try out. All one needs is expertise on legal matters and an online presence so that potential leads can find them.

One should use SEO methods to create content that will trigger search engines to rank the website highly whenever there are online searches for legal services. When asked about legal SEO, Santa Barbara Criminal Defense Attorney William Aron had this to say. “If you’re a law firm and you’re not making a concerted effort to improve your SEO, you’re just not going to be competitive.

5. Financial Services

The financial industry is a good, profitable career path, and anyone thinking of growing their career in finance should go ahead and try their luck.

A business offering financial services should use tactics that will optimize their performance with search engines. Including geographical location on the finance websites will also enable search engines like Google to index the location and direct people to the website when they search for financial services in the specified area.

6. Fitness

With more people in pursuit of healthy living, fitness centers and gyms have become more competitive and have high demand.

Venturing into the fitness industry is a great business move. One will have to invest a lot on online marketing and creating videos that show the type of fitness programs the business offers in order to market the brand.

7. Loans Services

Loan services are in high demand due to the number of mobile apps that allow people to get easy access to loan services on their phones wherever they are.

Anyone who desires to start a loan service business should create helpful and relevant content in the website and apps.

The website should be mobile friendly because Google ranks websites based on how mobile friendly they are.


And there you have it: the most competitive niches in SEO. While attempting to improve your SEO in these areas or attempting to improve a client’s SEO in these areas will be difficult, achieving the first page will also be the most rewarding.

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