The best jobs you can do from home

Working from home is not a euphemism for doing nothing all day, and in a lot of cases it is not even the easy option. However, working from home may be the only option for all manner of people, from parents, students, and those that can’t leave their homes because of health reasons. Take the scenario of Moms and Dads having to leave their children with minders to go to work, and missing breakfast times and bedtimes because they need to rush off to work, with a long commute their and back. Perhaps, you are a student looking for a work-from-home role so you don’t have to spend to much time away from your studies. It could be that an injury or disability is preventing you from entering, or returning to the workplace.

Whatever your reason, one of these fantastic remote jobs could be the solution to your employment problem.

Rent out a room

This needn’t be a long-term rental, and sites like Airbnb provide homeowners with the opportunity to rent out rooms for short periods of time. If you enjoy meeting new people, and are a natural at hosting in your clean, comfortable home, then this could be the money-making scheme for you.

Become a virtual assistant

Disorganised people need not apply. A virtual assistant is a highly organised assistant that works remotely for one or more companies carrying out various admin tasks. These tasks can be diary management, data entry, calling clients, and sending out emails. You can earn around $10 -£15 an hour in this role.


In this role you will receive audio files from doctors, legal firms, or any other company that requires dictation to be typed up into letters and other documents. Transcriber can be an enjoyable job for someone who can type quickly, can distinguish and enjoys the challenge of meeting tight deadlines. You may have to accrue some experience with lesser paid jobs in the first instance, but once established, you can expect to earn at least $25 per hour.

Personal trainer

Although not immediately associated with home-working, if you train as a personal trainer, you can train clients in their own home, or at your address, and the surrounding areas. You may need to invest in equipment for your home, but after initial investment personal trainers working from home can build up a loyal client base and make a considerable amount of money. Read more about becoming a personal trainer at Qualityeducationandjobs.Com.


If you think your life, or talents would be interesting enough to get people clicking on your videos, then you should consider becoming a vlogger. Make-up tutorials, fashion advice, and funny family situations all make for compelling viewing, and by uploading these videos to YouTube, ad enrolling in its partner program which sees appropriate adverts played at intervals in your videos, you can make an income. The more hits your videos receive, the more money you can make.