Wrong assumptions or implementing knowledge which is obsolete has made many blog owners wonder about the reasons of their SEO techniques not working and their discouraging blog ranking. The following misconceptions will help you to strategize better and make that ranking of your blog reach the top.

  1. Meta tags: In 2009, Google had declared that Meta tags were no longer considered when the rankings of blogs came into question. The purpose of a Meta Keywords tag was to let the searchers know about the content of a particular website but this was largely misused by spammers who filled the search engine with a wide list of keywords which made Google abandon the entire thing altogether.  Experts say that it is wise for any blog owner to let go of Meta tags since they are letting your competitors get an idea about the chosen focal point of your SEO campaign. Instead one should focus on Meta descriptions as they provide you the opportunity to write engaging descriptions which in turn might tempt the users to click on your website.
  2. Spammy Guest Posting: Many people abuse the option of guest blogging by trying to list long keywords in the guest posts, writing unimportant materials there and also writing content which is of extremely low quality.  Those of you who are doing this need to immediately stop because Google will target the guest links which are absolutely immaterial to the site’s theme and the optimized anchors in guest posts will face serious penalties too.
  3. Keyword Stuffing: Many are under the misconception that if one stuffs a landing page with keywords then it would surely pave the way for a good rank. Wrong. Your focus should be on writing gripping content for the visitors instead of the search engines. If you have picked up certain keywords for your landing page, then it’s good as long as you do it in a natural manner. If it looks too forced then the visitor might get a bad impression and you will not get the desired number of clicks.
  4. Links and their Quality: It cannot be denied that links are crucial for SEO but people have a misbelieve that throwing in a massive number of links from here and there will guarantee a high rank and large amount of search traffic.  Links are really important but they shouldn’t be used excessively and also they need to come from a creditable source. Low quality link is tempting for you when you are desperate for that high rank in a short span of time but it will not ultimately help you. Instead it will just tarnish your online reputation and so you should be patient and give time to building online relationships and expanding your brand before you expect a link from a high authority.
  5. Short Blog Posts will get you that Rank: Yes, once upon a time a short blog post would have helped you get the rank that you desire but this trick has become outdated in the present scenario.  Although in theory a 300 word post can still make you reach the top rank but this is rare because it is difficult for Google to filter, recognize and display the top 10 pages in the first page. So Google tends to give importance to long blog posts which are written comprehensively and thoroughly. Research shows that in order to beat your competitors you need to come up with a content which is not less than 1500 to 2000 words. Only then do you have a chance to get a top rank in the search engine. You should take the help of Good Monster if you want people to discover your business online.