Top 5 Tips for an Effective Infographic Marketing Strategy

Infographic Marketing

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People recall about 10 percent of the information they read. If you add a picture, that number shoots up to 65 percent. It’s clear that pictures help people learn and remember.

It’s probably why they like infographics so much and why they share them more often. If you’ve been thinking about adding infographic marketing to your strategy, these numbers tell you it’s a smart move.

Infographic Marketing

Infographics are like any other piece of content, though. Making them the right way will help you achieve your goals. Use these five tips to create a better strategy for using this visual medium.

1. Infographic Marketing Must be Relevant

The first rule of marketing infographics is that the information needs to be relevant. If your business sells beauty box subscription and your infographic is about car sales, your audience is going to be lost.

Infographic topics should be relevant to both your business and your audience. They need to care about the information, and it should be related to what you sell in some way. Finally, the images you select need to be relevant too.

2. Think Quality over Quantity

Infographic marketing strategies also favor quality over quantity. You may have many infographic ideas on the storyboard, but only some of them are really worth doing.

Think about it. You may be able to produce five or even ten low-quality graphics, but your audience likely will dismiss them. It could be because they don’t contain relevant information, or it could be because you don’t include sources.

A single quality infographic will do much more for your brand than many low-quality pieces of content.

3. Think Visually

Digital marketing infographics rely on the marketer’s ability to think visually. An infographic needs to be able to communicate its core ideas with as little text as possible.

In fact, a user should be able to scan the infographic and walk away with the gist of the information without reading any text. Relevant images and good design are key here.

Translating information into visuals isn’t necessarily easy. A cute icon may look nice, but what does it communicate? Graphs and charts need to be accurate in order to avoid misleading the reader and damaging your credibility.

Always ask how best to represent the information you’re trying to portray.

4. Tell a Story

An infographic should also tell a story. It’s not enough to put some loosely related statistics together on a pretty background and call it an infographic.

The infographic should share surprising information, but it also needs to tell the user what to do with this information. Should they think about investing in certain marketing techniques or new technology? Are you communicating environmental impacts of business and the steps that can be taken to reduce it?

A story has a satisfying conclusion. In the case of an infographic, the conclusion should be what the user should do next.

5. Back up the Facts

Finally, you want to be sure you’re providing credible information. Your readers want to know where you discovered your statistics. Be sure to provide your sources.

You should also conduct careful research to ensure the information you collect is from credible sources. If you’re citing misleading facts from poor sources or don’t cite sources at all, your audience may not believe you. You don’t want to lose their trust.

Design Better Business Marketing with Infographics and More

Infographic marketing is a great idea, and you should adopt it for your business. Using these tips, you can create better, more shareable infographics.

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