For many businesses today, keeping up with technology can present a serious financial challenge. Modern companies are expected to use technology for marketing, client outreach, bookkeeping, and more. As more and more devices and features enter the landscape, it can be hard to know how to best equip your team to stay competitive.

High-End Computer

In such cases, high-end computer rental is worth checking out. Below are four scenarios where renting is better than buying. 

New Companies & Startups 

 While there are many good reasons to rent your computer equipment, the cost is often the bottom line. For a new business with low cash flow and potentially bad credit, trying to fully and effectively equip your team can be a major financial burden. Renting these materials provides you with the financial freedom to pay lower monthly rates for the features and technology that your business really needs in order to succeed. 

This approach can also provide more confident budgeting because you will know your monthly rental costs. You can also avoid most unexpected technology costs such as software upgrades or accessories, which are usually handled by the rental company. 

Additionally, for client-facing companies, being able to present a high-tech and state-of-the-art image can go a long way in securing new business. If your company appears knowledgeable and capable, you are more likely to inspire confidence in potential clients or investors. 

Technologically-Competitive Businesses

Will you need to update your computer equipment often in order to stay ahead in the field? Regularly replacing hardware, aside from being incredibly costly, also includes the need to store, dispose of, or sell the old devices. And as technology depreciates quickly and significantly, resale may not even be worth the effort it takes. 

Renting also grants you the ability to mix and match your equipment for the best possible configuration, and to change it as often as needed. It may be that you primarily need desktop computers, but would like a few laptops for a specific event. Instead of buying both sets and incurring the associated costs, you can rent to suit your needs at any given time. 

For companies that need the latest technology, it is certainly more environmentally friendly to rent your equipment instead of repeatedly buying and discarding. Proper recycling and disposal of computers are important but challenging, so why not let a professional rental company handle it for you?

Temporary Work Spaces

Today, many businesses live primarily online and may not require the presence of traditional office space. Companies like WeWork are becoming increasingly popular for businesses that need flexibility or temporary space. Alternately, you may work in an environment that needs to be more mobile to reach a wider range of clients (such as focus groups or survey teams). Computer rental is a great option in these situations because you can easily change the type, amount, and location of your equipment without hassle. 

And if you don’t have your own IT department, a computer rental company can usually handle maintenance and repair as well. 

Conferences or Expos

Renting is definitely the right approach for teams looking to showcase their products at conference events or expo halls. Providing high-end displays or interfacing options is a great way to highlight your technological acuity while keeping costs low. 

You can even customize your equipment to suit the exact needs of your event. Are you releasing a multimedia product or making use of A/V technology for product promotion? Most professional event expos will offer equipment rental as a way to get the absolute best display without a long-term financial investment. 

Or, perhaps, you are putting together a corporate training event that includes interactive multimedia modules. While it would be unrealistic to move all of your existing computers to the training location (if you even have enough!), a rental company can provide what you need, with delivery and setup included. Some rental companies can even offer customization services so that the same displays, software, or abilities are preloaded onto each system. 

For most companies, the decision to rent will come down to cost, flexibility, and accessibility. Depending on your particular needs, high-end computer rental can be the most realistic way to stay relevant in an ever-changing technological world. Avoiding an initial and substantial cash investment gives new or struggling companies access to the equipment they may not otherwise have. And the freedom of on-demand rental helps your team stay dynamic and flexible.