Before we get started let’s have a reality check. There are 600 million blogs on the internet. The good news is not all of them are for-profit blogs.

blog niche

The rules of content marketing say a website needs a blog as part of its SEO strategy. This means a lot of sites are posting blog articles to have relevant content on their website.

When it comes to blogs that are specifically designed to earn revenue, you need a blog niche. The focus of the content is on one specific topic designed to inform and educate readers on a certain topic.

If you can match your content with advertiser products or services, you’ll have a winning combination.

Do you want to blog for-profit? Keep reading for tips on how to start a blog and earn money from it.

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is a blog on a specific topic that centers around a point of interest. For example, search engine optimization is a popular topic people are writing about. However, there are many components to this topic.

If you determine which area people are interested in the most, your blog niche can help them learn more on that subject.

How to pick a blog niche is driven by several factors. When it comes to earning money you’ll need to create an angle that works.

It’s easy to get bogged down on a subject because it interests you. Always go back to the reason you decided to start a blog. Is it to simply share information or is it to earn money.

If it is to share information, you can blog about anything you want. If it is to earn money, you have to find an angle that will attract readers and advertisers.

Are You a Subject Matter Expert

To become a successful blogger you need to demonstrate to your audience that you are an industry expert. Your blogs not only need to be factual, but they also need to be written in an authoritative voice.

Experience often boosts your confidence when you know what you are talking about.

A good place to start when trying to figure out how to choose a blog niche is listing what topics you’re a subject matter expert on. People with years of work experience can be SMEs on many topics.

Once you outline what you are knowledgeable about you’re ready to drill deeper.

Narrowing it Down

You have ten years of experience in the automotive industry. That is a generic topic. Next, you’ll want to list the various things you can create a blog niche.

Is there a make of car you love, what about a certain model. Maybe there is a feature of the car that’s very popular. This is how to narrow down what your blog will be about.

Finding a Topic You’re Passionate About

Being an SME on a topic doesn’t always equate to passion. It is great if it does but there is a possibility that you could have been great in your career but not passionate about it.

Building a blog niche around something you don’t get excited about is a recipe for burn-out.

Earning money from your blog is the goal but you also want to be excited about creating new blog topics. Successful blogs have a personality, readers want to connect with you, and you want them to share the information.

In this instance, you want to focus on that one thing you would be doing if you could do anything you want. Now share your love for that.

Research the Topics Popularity

Whether your blog niche is showing your expertise or your passion, you’ll need to determine if people actually care about the topic.

Do some research to determine how popular the targeted topic is. The easiest way to do this is by conducting online searches. Start with Google. Enter the topic and see what comes back.

Look underneath the menu bar and it will show you how many results were produced. Now use the tools feature to narrow your search down to how many articles have been posted in the past year, month, day.

This is a good indicator of the topic’s current popularity.

Locate the Niche Topic Within the Topic

If you find the topic is over-saturated, don’t give up. This is where you narrow down to your blog niche. This is the angle you will focus the majority of your attention.

Look through the search engine results to see if anything unique stands out. Rock climbing might be something you want to focus on. During your research, you learn it’s no longer about exercise but a way to meet new people.

Your blog niche becomes exploring rock climbing locations around the world that are perfect for social outings. Or are a great place for team building, speed dating events, etc.

Determine if There is Money to Be Made

Figuring out how to choose a blog niche can be relatively simple or it can take some time. After you come up with your topic you’ll need to see if you can make money.

Blogs earn money mainly from Google Adwords. These are ads companies pay Google to run on websites. Monetizing your blog is only profitable if your audience engages with the ads.

Therefore, your blog posts have to resonate with advertisers. One way to find out if your topic can earn revenue is to do a search on relevant topics. Scroll through the result pages to see how many returns are paid advertising.

The more popular topics will have ads at the top of the results pages.

Start Making Money off Your Blog

Congratulations! You’ve chosen a blog niche. Now the real work begins. You’ll need to research the best blog platform. Get your blog monetize and create great content that people want to read.

Are you looking for other ways to earn revenue in addition to blogging? Keep checking back for inspiring content to show you how to get paid.