2019 is close, and it is no surprise that people are in a rush to complete the goals they set at the begging of 2018. But there are also persons who are looking for new ways to earn more money, especially if they are working from home. Luckily, for these persons that there are plenty of work from home jobs available nowadays. Nowadays people are accepting the idea that there are persons who work from home, and they do it at a professional level. Only in America, around 50% of people do something remotely. Why is this trend on the rise? First because it allows employers and employees to save money. Second, because it is a comfortable option for the persons who need to care for their children, or who are working for foreign companies.

Work from home jobs that will be successful in 2019

This working practice is attractive because it offers people the possibility to earn income and spend quality time with their family. If you are interested in finding out what work from home jobs will be in trend in 2019, keep reading.


Lately, YouTube has become a source of money, especially for the persons who are known in the online world. Before starting to make a profit from your YouTube page you will have to earn followers. It all starts with an account and a topic of discussion.

If you do not know what topic would be interesting and what subjects would raise people’s interest, you should check the pages that have a large following, like Pewdiepie, and Ryan Higga. It is important to find a feature that makes your page stand out. You can find inspiration in the comments people leave on large YouTube pages. Every video has a below section where people can share their ideas on the content they just watched. If you understand why people continue to follow these pages and why they check all their videos, you can start creating content similar to theirs.


You can earn a great income from becoming a transcriber. You need commitment, a laptop with great sound functions and a good internet connection. This job opportunity is perfect for people of all ages, because it does not require experience. It is important to write fast to be able to transcribe as many materials as possible. Being a transcriber means that you will listen to an audio tape and you will type it in a document word for word. There is no creativity required, no interpretation.


The internet is filled with articles, it does not matter what subject interests you, you will definitely find multiple pages of results if you type a short related keyword on a search engine. The majority of these articles are written by people who work from home, they are freelancers who are able to compose you a long text starting from an idea. If you have a good knowledge of your language, or of a foreign one, then you can become one of the writers who create content for being published on the internet.

The official name of this job is content writer; they are the persons who create content for being published to the internet. The texts they write follow certain rules, so it is important to be the type of person who can write according to specific guidelines. In case you do not consider writing, your skill, you can opt for an editing job. All content writers have to check their articles before sending them for being uploaded. You can find clients who want to hire editors who speak certain languages for fixing up the content they create.

Your purpose is to have happy customers, because if they consider your first project successful, you will definitely receive more work from them. This is the type of freelancing business highly influenced by the feedback received. If this is a career you want to follow, you can check websites like freelancer.com or Upwork to find new jobs.

Software tester

In order for a software to be functional, it has to be created according to certain requests and then it has to be tested to check if it functions. Software testing is one of the most important steps from the development process, because it reveals if it requires further work, and if all its features function perfectly. If you will become a software tester, you will have to execute the applications developers create with the purpose of finding errors. You are the one who determines the quality of the app and verifies if the developers have met the requirements of the clients. If you want to be successful in this career, you need to know the software testing methodologies used to check software applications.

Online teacher

Nowadays more and more teachers lack the needed knowledge to help children improve their skills. Parents around the world complain that good teachers are hard to find, and when they are not able to hire one from their area to help their children, they consider the option of collaborating with a professional who offers online tuition. You can use your knowledge to help children fix the complex issues they are facing when they have to learn a certain subject. You can share your knowledge via an online app, you do not even have to leave your house or your students to visit you. You will both stay in the comfort of your house.

For being an online teacher, you need to find a website that lists teaching offers. If you know parents whose children have difficulties with math, for example, and you have extended knowledge about the subject, you can offer your help.

Do not forget that it is important to help children understand the subject they consider difficult, therefore you will have to transmit the information in an easy-to-understand way.

If a work from home job is exactly what you need, then you have to understand what skills you have and to find a way to make profit from it. It may take some time and effort until you make a nice profit, but all careers need them, no matter if you are working remotely or not.