Whether you are an entrepreneur working from home or a remote worker on payroll with a corporation that offers flex hours, the one thing you will want to do is make absolutely sure your home office is safe and secure.

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This is how you make your livelihood and, unlike working in a company office, it will be up to you to make sure everything from the equipment you use to your connectivity is safe from theft on all levels. Here are some tips to consider.

Keep Your Home Office Physically Separate

Whether you have a family in the home or are living alone with the occasional guest stopping by, you will want to keep your work and personal computers and workspace separate. It is suggested that you set up a home office in a room where you can keep everything from physical files to office equipment away from anyone who just might want to get online for a moment or two. Unless you can monitor what they are doing, where they are going (online) and what they are touching in your office, it is just not safe and secure.

Protect Any Connected Devices from Cyber Attacks

While you have now separated your personal from work computers, the one thing you may not have done is subscribe to the latest anti-virus software and updates. According to Secure Forensics, malware is the leading concern for individuals and businesses alike and new viruses are being detected every day. They are often called upon to see how a company’s system has been hacked and are afraid that it’s an ‘inside job.’ Sometimes it is, but the team at Secure Forensics suggest that many times it’s a matter of someone with access accessing a site that isn’t secure and that is how the virus infiltrates the company system. If you feel you have been hacked, companies like Secure Forensics can investigate if and how it occurred in order to ‘fix’ your current problems and then work toward preventing any future breaches.

Home Security Is a Must

Another issue many people working from home are unaware of is just how important it is to install some sort of home security. You would think that others are unaware that you are working from home, but you’d be surprised what the neighbors know about you. Also, any passerby might randomly notice that you have an inordinate number of boxes being disposed on trash day or other telltale signs that your home is more than just a domicile. Many people working from home therefore install state-of-the-art home security systems that can protect your physical property while your computer security guards your connectivity.

Sometimes computer forensics teams are able to connect how you were hacked by comparing what they’ve found on your computer with the data being sent by a home security system. If you are at all concerned over the safety and security of your home office, it’s better to set up security before you have a problem. After that? You’ll need a team of investigators like Secure Forensics to help you figure out how it happened and how to mitigate your loss.