10 Blogging Trends For 2019: Best Strategy to Grow Your Blog

10 Blogging Trends For 2019: Best Strategy to Grow Your Blog

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Blogging can be a lot of fun, and it’s a rewarding way for you to get your voice heard while simultaneously raising your profile. Businessmen blog to further their careers, students blog to get started in their chosen industry and aspiring authors blog about books if for no other reason than that they love them.

In fact, we could write a whole article on the benefits of blogging, but that’s not what we’re here for today. Instead, we’re going to assume that you’re already sold on blogging and you’re looking instead to find the best ways to make your blog successful.

10 Blogging Trends For 2019: Best Strategy to Grow Your Blog

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive on in and take a look at ten of the biggest blogging trends for 2019 and how you can use them to grow your blog

10 Blogging Trends For 2019: Best Strategy to Grow Your Blog

1. Don’t monetize too early

It can be tempting to monetize your blog early on, but while this can help to bring in a little money, it can also slow your blog’s growth and even put people off and turn them away. Try to grow organically as much as you can before launching advertisements or other monetization efforts. That will stop you from hampering your own growth and will actually lead to you making more money overall in the long run.

2. Write roundup posts

One of the biggest blogging trends in recent years is a marked increase in the number of “roundup” style posts. That’s probably because there’s so much content available online that you can often provide more value by linking to off-site resources than you can if you simply rehash a topic that’s already been covered.

3. Check your analytics

Blogging 2019 is similar to blogging in 2009 in that having access to detailed analytics will make all of the difference. By keeping an eye on which posts are the most popular, you can start to draw conclusions and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

4. Collaborate

Collaborating with other content creators can help to cross-pollinate by introducing your readers to each other. It’s one of those win/win situations in which even your readers come out on top. If you’re struggling to find people to collaborate with, you can also find tools and databases to help you.

5. Use Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool for seeing what’s hot and what’s not right now. By keeping an eye on the data, you can create content that’s designed to tap into those trends, whether those trends are short or long-term.

6. Harness video

Embedding videos into your blog posts can help to increase dwell time and ultimately to improve your website’s performance. When search engines realize that visitors are spending more time on your site, it also increases the chances that they’ll send new visitors your way.

7. Write about controversial subject matters

If you want to know how to grow your blog, the truth is that clickbait works like a charm. By tackling controversial subject matters, whether that’s in the form of a religious argument or a gun control essay, you drastically increase the odds of bringing in new traffic, not to mention shares and comments on social networking sites.

8. Tap into seasonality

Tying your content into what’s going on elsewhere in the world can help to widen its appeal and to bring in more visitors. For example, if you review movies, you could review a bunch of movies starring The Rock if you know he has a new film coming out. Alternatively, you could write a list of Easter-themed movies to help people to celebrate the holiday.

9. Listen to feedback

Once you become reasonably successful, your readers will start to leave comments on your articles. By listening to these comments and acing upon their feedback, you can help to improve your content and to make sure that you’re giving people what they need.

10. Have fun!

Ultimately, if you’re not having fun when you’re creating your content then how can you expect other people to enjoy consuming it? Arguably the single most important thing for you to do is to make sure that you’re enjoying yourself because the rest of these elements can fall into place over time. Enthusiasm is the one thing that you can’t fake.


Launching a blog can be a great investment in the future, but it also takes a lot of time to get going and it’s rare for a blog to become successful overnight. Instead, you’ll need to put in dedicated effort over time and above all keep on creating great content so that you give people a reason to keep coming back.

The good news is that once your blog starts to become successful, you can think about monetizing it through advertisements, merchandise, affiliate programs and more. Just don’t make the mistake of starting a blog site purely because you want to make money, because that rarely ends well. Good luck.

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