The Business Buzzwords Every Successful Person Should Know in 2019

business buzzwords

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Whether you are launching into a major brand relaunch strategy or are simply looking to operate a business from your home, these essential business buzzwords will form the basis of your plan.

business buzzwords

Please read on to discover the key business buzzwords you and your team should know about in 2019.

Back End

The polar opposite of a websites “front end”, which is the public area seen by web users is the back end. This is the area where your web developers and digital editors apply changes.


For many children of the 1990s, bandwidth will remind you of dial tones and arguments over who gets to use the internet in the evenings. However, the phrase has now taken hold as a corporate buzzword.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of capacity you have personally or within your wider team, to help out with a project. You’d hear a manager say that they don’t have the bandwidth to help out with the social media if you worked in a Communications team.

Bleeding Edge

Cutting edge technology is so 80’s these days. As the advance of technology continues to accelerate, “bleeding edge” technology has become common parlance. One example would be 5G technology.


This is one of those essential corporate buzzwords which will be used at every level of an organization.


Any small business should understand that they are essentially a disruptor. A disruptor is a business which challenges the status quo within an industry.

If your company is undercutting established Fortune 500 firms with an innovative service or game-changing product, then you are a disruptor.

Drill Down

After a plan has been conceptualized at the top levels, a corporate team will drill down into it to give it the proper scrutiny. Drilling down is also the process of fleshing out how the plan will be achieved.

To give you an example, a company board could come up with a broad corporate communications strategy. Once this has been decided, the Head of Communications may work with their team to drill down and decide the tactics used to achieve the strategy.


How many times have you heard someone say that they’ll “ping you an email” over the past year? The chances are, you’ve heard someone say it at least once a day if you’re working in a corporate environment.

This is one of the fastest growing corporate buzzwords around at the moment. It is simply a trendy term for sending an email to someone.

Roll Out

This business buzzword is the implementation stage of a strategy. After the planning and fine-tuning have finished, a strategy can be rolled out to your customers.


By now, you’d have to put SEO into the “oldy but goody” category of corporate buzzwords. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, are actions taken to improve how your business ranks on search engines like Google.

Whether you’re a new business or an established giant in the market, SEO will always be important. The good news is that you can get quality SEO for contractors at competitive prices these days.

Business Buzzwords Decoded

Although business buzzwords can initially seem like a secret world of their own, you shouldn’t stress too much about them. Although there are endless phrases around, once you understand the main ones listed above you’ll be able to enter the corporate world with confidence.

Please comment below if you’ve found this article useful. Please also feel free to add your own examples of unique and interesting jargon that you’ve come across in the past.

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