Work from home moms don’t have it easy. They’re trying to run a business, take care of family obligations and have a little time for themselves. They face constant distractions from children, friends who think “work from home” mean they have endless free time and let’s not even get started on the housework.

Work From Home Moms: Top 5 Programs for Your Office

Momtrepreneurs have more hats than a haberdasher, but there are tools available to make your work life more efficient.  With so many items on your plate, the ability to streamline processes could open up time for everything else you need to get done.

Check out software essential to taking your business to the next level.

1. Work from Home Moms Need QuickBooks

If you work from home, then you likely don’t have a cadre of accountants at your beck and call to take care of your payroll and finances. QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software for small businesses.

You can keep track of the cash flow going in and out and create invoices for clients. It’s incredibly versatile and provides you time tracking ability, inventory management, and even payroll. It’s scalable and grows with your business.

Don’t spend hours looking over spreadsheets when QuickBooks can take care of many reports with a few clicks of a mouse.

2. Slack Lets You Communicate With Your Team

For any business, communication with team members is vital for business growth. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a corner office or living room in footie pajamas. Slack provides business-oriented chatting and communications platform so you can talk with employees, collaborators and more.

It’s taken small business by storm and there are add-on apps to make your life easier. An app keeps track of employees’ birthdays and there are more than 100 others that you can choose from.

3. PayStubCreator Easily Generates Pay Stubs and More

You have to pay your employees. The employees and the government frown upon it when you don’t. They expect their pay stubs every pay period, but they can be a pain to create and print out. There’s a lot of information in that little piece of paper.

PayStubCreator makes creating pay stubs and W-2s a snap. It’s all taken care of online and you down in only a few minutes.

4. Microsoft Office Is a Must Have

How many spreadsheets do you create in a week? How many documents do you have to draft and send out? How many emails do you get and answer in a day?

Microsoft Office’s suite of Word, Excel, Outlook and more provides the leading software for all those needs. Millions of people use these programs every day and they are a standard in many industries.

5. HelloSign Helps You Get Contacts Signed

The days of physically visiting clients are over and it’s possible all your clients are in other states or even countries. Every business uses contracts to go over the work done by you and the expectations from the client.

No business starts work until the contract is signed, but emailing, printing, signing, scanning and emailing back is a long drawn out process that many customers don’t want to deal with.

You can send a contract through HelloSign and they can sign it electronically and send right back to you. It’s a safe and secure way to sign contracts without dealing with the digital hassle.

Streamline Your Business with These Tools

Work from home moms don’t have the luxury of a big office or conference room filled with employees. These tools can help you move forward so you can develop your business from the comfort of your own home.

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