Advance in technology has brought so many changes in the job market. One of them is the creation of numerous ‘work from home’ opportunities.

computer programmer

If you are an IT expert looking for work from home part-time or full-time opportunities, consider the following options

Mobile App Development 

With over three billion mobile users in the world, companies are realizing the increasing need to connect with customers through mobile devices. Mobile apps make work easier for customers. It also allows them to remain connected to a business. The business, in turn, benefits by getting higher conversion and sales and greater customer loyalty. As a mobile app developer, your work will be to design and create apps for clients. 

For you to succeed in this career, you will require knowledge of programming languages and some analytical, creativity and problem-solving skills.  Knowledge of the top mobile testing tools can also be useful. Talking of testing, you can choose to work as an app tester if you are not enthusiastic about app development. As a tester, your key role will be to check the apps for bugs and test the UI, usability, and functionality. Once you run the tests, you will communicate any flaws and areas that need improvement to the developers. As a tester, you can work directly with the developers or owner of the app or you can look for freelance jobs on third-party websites.  

Website Developer and Designer

Websites, just like apps, are essential for the success of a business in today’s digital world. It’s one of the digital channels that tell the world you exist. As most businesses and individuals require websites, demand for web developers and designers is on the rise. Web development is focused on the technical aspects of a website while design focuses more on the appearance. You can either focus on both or choose one depending on your skills and interests. 

IT Tutor and Course Creator

This is another interesting work from home opportunity for those who love IT. If you are an expert in one or more areas in IT, you can make some money teaching others how to be experts as well. You have so many options when it comes to sharing your knowledge with others. Examples include selling online courses on sites such as Udemy, offering training through your website, and signing up as a tutor with programs that have the option of working from home. 

Cloud Architect 

Businesses are finding it easier to manage operations from the cloud. Cloud architects are the professionals who create a roadmap and design and develop cloud-based solutions for businesses. For you to work as a cloud architect you need to be an expert in programming, networking, security, and telecommunications among many others. 

Other than the general IT background, you may require more specific training and some certifications before a company can hire you. To increase your chances of securing a work from home job or even succeeding in self-employment, keep growing your skills through self-learning and paid courses.