Many people want to be able to make a living working remotely but it can be challenging to earn enough money. A lot of people have a side hustle but struggle to make enough to support themselves, but it is possible to make a good living without having to leave the house each day.

work from home

There are plenty of good career options that will allow you to work remotely either by setting up your own business or having a job that does not require you to be in the office. Here are a few good options to consider if you want to make a living working remotely.

Web Designer

Every organization needs a great website in today’s day and age which means that web design is always in demand. You could set up your own business as a web designer and you could operate this entirely from the comfort of your own home. You could even have clients come and visit you at the house or out for coffee or even at their own home too.

Content Writer

Similarly, there is a high demand for high-quality content in today’s digital age where organizations need to create a constant stream of engaging content for their target audience. If you have a way with words, then you could make a living as a content writer which can provide you with the freedom and flexibility to work wherever you like provided that you have a computer and an internet connection.

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can provide support for an individual or business without the need to leave the home. This work could involve carrying out any kind of task which can be done remotely, such as data entry, managing calendars, preparing important documents and any other type of task that is required. It is important that you are easily reachable but it is work that can easily be done from the comfort of your own home.


Another common remote job is that of a teacher or tutor. You could have students come to your home to teach them, or you could visit them at home or even teach them over webcam. This could be teaching English as a foreign language, teaching kids that are not enrolled in school for one reason or another or even teaching a certain skill, such as a musical instrument.


A transcriptionist is responsible for listening to audio files and typing up the notes. It may sound simple but it can be extremely challenging and demanding work, particularly when working as a medical transcriptionist where accuracy is vital. If you are a good listener and typist, then this could be a great role for you and can easily be done working from home.


If you know another language, then you could find work as a translator where you translate written or audio documents into another language. It is easy to find success as a translator is you have hard-to-find language skills and/or you can speak several languages.

Customer Service Representative

Many businesses now employ people to work from home as a customer service representative which might involve taking calls, replying to emails or talking with people on social media. This is a growing industry and one which is predicted to get much larger in the coming years as businesses look to switch having customer service representatives in a different country to one simply working from home.

Social Media Specialist

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses and organizations but many do not know how to use it effectively. This has led to a rise in social media specialists who can help brands to succeed on social media and promote their business online. 


If you want to make a living making a difference to people’s lives, then you could become a therapist. You can do this from the comfort of your own home with people coming to visit you in your home or you could even offer video conferencing sessions which can allow you to connect with people from both far and near. Mental health issues are on the rise so this is important work which is also in demand.

Social Worker

Similarly, you could start work as a social worker which will involve providing support, guidance, and advice for those that are vulnerable and having difficulties in their lives. You can even take a social work online degree to get qualified and then work remotely at home, visiting people in their homes or anywhere else that is suitable for providing support to those that need it in the local area.

Pet Sitter

Many people require pet sitters as they do not have the luxury of being able to stay home with their pet. If you are an animal lover, looking after other people’s animals while they are away or at work can be incredibly rewarding and you could even supplement this with another of the jobs listed here (although being a pet sitter can be more demanding than you might think).

Travel Agent

Online travel agents have become hugely popular in recent times and the internet has forever changed the way in which people plan their trips. You can book trips and plan itineraries for people all remotely and this can be highly lucrative if you specialize in a certain area, such as to specific parts of the world or for a particular demographic.

Ecommerce Store Owner

Ecommerce continues to rise at a rapid rate and many people are now opening their own online stores. This can all be done from your home and you do not even have to stock products through dropshipping. It can be highly competitive and hard to succeed so you need to make sure that you are selling trending products, using marketing to increase your visibility and providing an excellent customer experience for your target customer.

If you want to earn a living working remotely then these are all good options for a rewarding career which will provide you with enough money to live comfortably.