4 Old-school Marketing Methods That Still Have Major Impact pic

When selling a product or idea, some entrepreneurs try to look to the future and use new technologies or strategies. While this is a good thought, a business owner should not forget about old-school marketing techniques as they can yield a nice return on investment and are often very affordable. Here are four old school marketing methods that continue to have an impact.

Direct Mail

When looking for a direct approach, a company should send postcards in the mail. With direct mail marketing, a business owner can reach out to locals in his or her community without a large investment. This is a reliable method for snagging clients as everyone receives mail and they often like to find out about new or existing businesses. When choosing a direct mail campaign, be sure to make it professional and distinctive enough to catch attention. Without a doubt, direct mail advertising information is a cost-effective way to reach out to people individually in the area.

Transportation Advertising

In major cities, people walking down the street see all sorts of advertisements and gimmicks. One way that remains effective in getting a name out in the open is to use taxi, bus, or subway advertising. As thousands of people commute or walk down the street, they cannot help but look at logos or gimmicky campaigns on the side of a bus. This is extremely effective as people cannot look away from the ad when compared with other things like television or print. Remember, to find people on the go and without struggle, one should place ads on public transit or taxi cabs.


Believe it or not, selling products over the phone still yields results. In fact, if it did not, companies would not use this as a way to find and retain customers. Remember, when calling people, the company must make sure to follow all national and state laws as this can cause the organization serious problems if they do not. This is a useful way for a local business owner to reach out to local residents as he or she can approach it calmly and try to help the potential client.


When trying to reach out to thousands of customers every day, a company should try a billboard. This is the perfect solution for a restaurant or store trying to cater to travelers. While this can be an expensive idea in some areas, a store can reach out to thousands of people and see results quickly through this medium.

In the midst of building up all your high-tech marketing efforts, don’t forget the tried and true methods.  When looking to the past, an organization can find old advertising and marketing techniques that are still mostly effective.