Marketing Image

Now that you’ve got your small business up and running, you will need to implement several helpful marketing techniques. Even if you aren’t a marketing whiz, know that there is much assistance available to you.


Your company needs a blog. Through the content that you post, make sure to give informative info related to your business, what it offers and the consumers that you are targeting. If you need help developing content, consider hiring a professional blogger. For a 300-word blog post, you will usually pay about $4. Make sure you post relevant information on a regular basis. You want people to continue to share and visit your site. If you aren’t posting new information, people will stop visiting your site and there will be nothing to share.

Promotional Items

Even businesses operating on small budgets can take advantage of promotional items. Great items to give away include t-shirts, coffee mugs and pencils. If your company can’t afford to purchase promotional items, consider asking for a sponsor. When doing this, make sure you put your sponsors name, as well as yours, on the items that you give away. Promotional items can boost your brand in multiple ways. You can hold giveaways and use these items as prizes, and then the items continue to work for you as people see others using them on a regular basis.

Online Website

Just as you need to interact with your customers and market to them through blog posts, you also need to make available for them a company website. It is through this site that they can purchase products and/or services. You want to make sure your website is user friendly and stands out when compared to other competitors websites. Make sure that your website is compatible with mobile phones and other devices, so that those on the go can place orders at anytime.

Partner with Local Businesses

If you agree to promote the services of another business in your town, have that same business agree to promote yours. By creating a buddy-marketing system, before you know it you will have several local companies spreading lots of good news about your business. Choose your partners wisely. You’ll want to pair up with business who are targeting a similar demographic, but who are not offering a similar or competing product or service.

Marketing Exchange Services

No matter where you are located, there are marketing exchange services available for you to take advantage of. Through such services you can be partnered with a wide range of marketing resources found in your geographical area. If you aren’t sure how to connect with potential advertisers or sponsors, this is a great place to start your small business marketing.


One of the best ways that you can promote your company is through word-of-mouth advertising. You don’t have to talk everyone’s head off about your company, but somewhere throughout the course of the conversations that you have with family members and friends, mention what it is that your business does and how you can be of assistance. Consider placing a sign on your car or wearing a company t-shirt when you go out. This can help get the conversation started when you are in a line or waiting room.

Marketing plays a vital role in how successful your company will become. Without proper marketing tactics, you might as well be prepared for low profit levels. Don’t let this happen to your business. Instead, take to heart the marketing techniques mentioned above.